Make your business extraordinary with KREA

Make your business extraordinary with KREA

How many times have you renounced to your small or large restyling  projects  because  of  high cost or because a long closure would  have  meant  a  significant loss of income?

We  offer  different  solutions  ranging from the application of certified adhesive laminates to be applied on existing  furniture,  to  the  installation of  floating  interlocking  floors,  from the decoration of wall surfaces to the  replacement  or  integration  of new  and  more  efficient  lights,  up to the restoration of fabrics of the seats coordinated with a new and specific    communication… restyling interventions that are not invasive, but offer surprising results, in less time and with savings up to 75% compared to traditional restyling with new furnishings.

We are Krea Srl, a company based in Veneto region, operating since 1989 in visual communication and  interior  restyling  fields.  Our  long  experience gained in decades of activity in this sector, has al- lowed us to respond to the needs of companies, professionals and private customers both in Italy and  abroad,  mainly  in  Switzerland, Austria,  and Germany. We have a very dynamic, versatile and efficient team, that includes 3M and Avery certified applicators, an expert graphic designer and a specialized renderer.

We are at your disposal for an appointment, to come visit you and identify together the key points on which to intervene, making a 3D scan of your premises in order to elaborate a proposal for you through a highly professional render.

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality  service capable of  satisfying  all  of  their needs.

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