The basics of the GTA group: the Crèmes line Notes of taste

The basics of the GTA group: the Crèmes line Notes of taste

Ice cream, in Italian “gelato” is a real pleasure that is difficult to give up, refreshing and nutritious, not only in the summer, but during all the year, as a meal or just as a dessert, to be enjoyed in the open air while walking, or sitting at the tables. “Gelato” is now a term exported all over the world, which does not translate into various languages and which identifies an exclusively Italian product.

The components of the “gelato” consist of a core called “base”, made up of powdered products which are then combined  with liquid ingredients (water, milk and fresh cream)  and  solid  ingredients  (sugars, powdered milk, milk proteins …) to obtain the mixture to be combined later with the pastes, according to the characteristic taste to be obtained.

The GTA Group, located in the heart of the province of Bergamo, present for 40 years on the market of raw materials and equipment for the “gelato” sector, provides  bases  for  the  production  of ice cream, artisanal or industrial, to ice cream parlors all over the world, with its own brand “Crémes Note di Gusto”. These  bases  can  be  “standard  bases”, but also and above all “customized bases”, that are prepared according to the recipe of the “gelato” masters, who requests them, created to characterize their finished product and to allow the final consumer to distinguish their “gelato” from the others.

These ready-made bases, which normally make up 10% of a fresh ice cream and which are composed of natural ingredients, constitute a valid support for the “gelato” maker, because they allow him to speed up his work and to get to a quality finished product, completing it with his own technique and imagination. The “Crémes Note di Gusto” bases, supplied by GTA Group, are products carefully studied from the ingredient point of view, balanced in terms of sugars, fats, skim milk solids and other solids.

To the base it is simply added the liquid part and, eventually, the sugar. All that gives the “gelato” an optimal structure in terms of creaminess, spatulability  and  conservability,  while  exalting the flavor of the pastes added.. This guarantees quality continuity, simplicity and speed of execution, without precluding customization in any way. The company size of the GTA Group is such that it can have the entire production process of the bases under control and this allows to obtain a high quality product.

The range of “Crémes Note di Gusto” bases is wide and varies from classic to 100, 150 or complete and – if required – even without vegetable fats, up to special vegan or bio.

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