FIORENZATO: The Origin of Grinders

FIORENZATO: The Origin of Grinders

Passion, entrepreneurial vision and a never-ending quest for excellence are the ingredients which make Fiorenzato’s story truly unique. A story began 85 years ago, near Venice, when Pietro Fiorenzato, after learning the trade in a mechanical workshop, has decided to open his own factory. Over the years the company has grown and Fiorenzato brand has become known both in Italy and abroad.

Technology has always been the company’s vocation, anticipating the market needs and to establishing itself with cutting-edge models and solutions for every coffee grinding need of professional baristas. Even  during  these  difficult  times,  Fiorenzato  has never stop to innovate.

Last year, in order to gain direct control of the burrs, the most important component of the grinders, Fiorenzato invested in the modernization and expansion of the factory situated in Santa Maria di Sala (VE). The new burrs are characterized by a product uniformity that is essential to enhance best grinding performances and are made with M340 steel, created as a food  grade application, with a good tenacity and excellent resistance to wear and corrosion.

Among the latest innovation we include the PRO  Line, a new range of coffee grinders with a powerful detachable grinding chamber, quick and easy to remove, to simplify cleaning and maintenance  operations. Burrs’ substitution and periodical cleaning will be simpler, thanks to the two clips situated either side of the grinder that allow to completely  detach  the  grinding  chamber without  modifying the granulometric settings and by reducing retention up to 50% compared to previous models.

On April 2021 Fiorenzato also launch a new  line:  Fiorenzato Home. The  first product is AllGround, a new high-per- formance  coffee grinder for the domestic channel and the Specialty Coffee world. AllGround combines the magic of the coffee ritual with the sharpest technology,  ensuring  maximum  yield  and  enhancement of the aromatic notes of coffee, thanks to the instant grind tailored for espresso, moka  and  filter.

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