Hausbrandt: The taste of a great Italian story

Hausbrandt: The taste of a great Italian story

Companies are born from an idea that proves to be successful when it is constantly fed by passion.Martino Zanetti Hausbrandt,  founded in Trieste  in 1892, has been managed by Martino Zanetti since 1988. Since the second post-war period, the company has been committed to enhancing gourmet coffee, quickly conquering a group of consumers with refined palates.

The careful selection of raw materials is the basis of all Hausbrandt’s work since it is origin, quality, and sustainability that make the taste of each blend unique and elegant. But the raw material is not everything.

For the processing of the products, the company in fact uses innovative machines for traditional roasting as well  as  naturally  studying  the  best balance for the blending of different types of coffee.

Thanks to this way of working, Hausbrandt has attracted  the palate  and the eyes of customers all over the world.  In  particular, Hausbrandt has a solid presence in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel, a presence gained thanks to the excellent quality of the product and to attentive and articulated  service, a synergy that comes from the perfect balance between craftsmanship and industrial capacity,  between  passion  and  knowledge of what taste, true taste, must be.

The role of the Hausbrandt sales network is also important, a precious resource that allows to work closely with customers and support them in choosing the most suitable products for their needs. Several are the company’s flagship products, such as the Gourmet Columbus  100% Arabica blend, which thanks to the choice of the best single-origins, including Colombia  and Ethiopia Sidamo, is a blend with a pleasantly sweet and slightly citrusy aroma,  with  notes of bitter cocoa and licorice root. The  new  100%  Arabica Organic Coffee, on the other hand, is a blend characterized by a sweet aroma and an intense aftertaste. But this blend is not only interesting for its taste.

The coffee beans that compose it are cultivated in selected plantations, in full respect of nature and in accordance with the working processes of raw materials of organic origin. The certification of product coming from organic  farming   testifies  the attention paid to the environment and guarantees that the whole production chain of organic  coffee is respected, including the respect of nature’s time, which guarantees the blend an aromatic and intense taste, unique in its kind. Not only a coffee with an exceptional taste but an innovative  and environmentally friendly product.

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