‘story tales’ to add value in the contemporary interiors

‘story tales’ to add value in the contemporary interiors

The know-how and professionalism by WallPepper ® Group, together with the attention to the environment meant as sustainability the creativity, the novelty of the graphics and enthusiasm have created the WallPepper ®, decorative surfaces from the infinite expressive and functional possibilities.
The wallpaper ®, expression of a high-quality Made in Italy, are realized just with green materials, eco-friendly, PVC free and certified, to meet any decorative needs. Choosing a wallpaper ®, you can characterize the atmosphere of a room to make it unique and special, enhancing the personal style.

The wallpaper ® is ‘divided’ in six macro thematic collections, Am – bite, Up-to-Date, Levante, Kronos, Nuances and Naive, that define the mood of the different graphics. In addition to these, there’re the limited-edition Capsule Collections, the result of exclusive collaborations with artists, photographers, and creatives who interpret the walls of contemporary spaces with a new, personal and surprising “look”. The wallpaper ® is a collection of amazing images, a sequence of colors, geometries, dipositive of faraway and engaging lands that refers to nature, underwater world, the imagination one or from architecture. The images tell the WallPepper ® Group world and the emotions produced from its WallPepper ®.
In addition to the narrative intention, the WallPepper ® is a real support to decorative projects, contracts or residential, very efficient. The quality of the materials, creativity, technologies, and sustainability are mixed to create special walls in every space, both indoor & outdoor. An additional value to the WallPep – per ® is also the easy set-up, thanks to an ad-hoc production technology that allows having invisible joints just by placing one roll after another creating in this way unique images.

Our materials
WallPepper ® Smootheco- TNT
It’s ecological, free from PVC, based on natural materials like textile and cellulose fibers obtained, primarily, with agaves leaves. It certificated IMO/MED for the nautical sector and fire retardant in euro class B-s1,d0; It has a good mechanic resistance and is washable with a damp cloth and a common neutral soaps. WallPepper® Smooth eco- TNT is a safe product for human health and fulfills all the requirements for participating in the international eco-friendly evaluations of buildings, like Leed of Bream, and is conformed to the Greenguard Children & Schools, the UL, AgBB and Nordic Swan certifications and is highly recommend for decorating interior residential, hospitals, schools, and any kind of place that are meant for the stay of people.

WallPepper® Suede
It’s an innovative wall covering based on PET and polycotton very breathable, It is recommended for decorating hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, offices and any kind of place that subject to wear that provide a permanent decoration and with a high passage of people. WallPepper® Suede has to stain excellent resistance and guarantees a good anti-scratch and anti-rubbing performance. It has obtained the authoritative IMOMED B and F certifications for the nautical sector.
Our special systems
Our WallPepper® can be printed on special Systems to answer to every

WallPepper® H 2O
It’s a system with a unique performance that allows bringing the WallPepper® graphics in all those space in contact with water or humidity like bathrooms, wellness areas, kitchen or even outdoor. WallPepper® H 2 O is composed of the special ecological technical sheets in high- density glass fibers and the matt protective, transparent, waterproof, resistant to atmospheric agents and greatly increases mechanical resistance, scratch resistance, rubbing.

WallPepper® Acoustic
It’s the real sound-absorbing and sound-insulating product created to improve the acoustic well- being of the rooms, applicable both to walls and ceilings, surprisingly differentiating sound from noise and reducing reverberation. WallPepper® Acoustic technical sheets are in woven fiberglass of only 3 mm thick and a mat and transparent protective.

WallPepper® Strong
It’s the system created to decorate those spaces that need a high mechanical resistance to scratches, abrasion or for critical spaces where it is needed an intensive cleaning with aggressive cleaners. WallPepper® Strong is composed of the WallPepper® Smooth eco- TNT sheets and a protective coating, also available in the antibacterial version for environments subject to specific health regulations or designed for the children.
The WallPepper®, with their Systems, make easier personalize any space, to excite and bring the quality of a high-performance decorative product into spaces characterized by the most sophisticated and specific decorative requirements, respecting the architecture of the environment. www.wallpepper.it

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