Gat ® Service

Gat ® Service

GAT ®SERVICE IS THE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE PROVIDED BY RCSOFT, DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED FOR ASSISTANCE SERVICES, TECHNICAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT OF DYNAMIC AND COMPETITIVE COMPANIES. Customer data and management The User Management menu is the main core of the program and allows you to manage your customers, suppliers, installers and the related equipment for which servicing and maintenance have been performed. Moreover, in the customer search list, there is the possibility to view “all” the archives linked to each customer including work history, calls, contracts, quotes, and chronologies.

The Call function Thanks to this option it is possible to load assistance and maintenance requests in a quick and effective way, planning the maintenance outputs through optimized routes, displaying the availability of the technicians on a weekly and monthly basis. Geolocating the technicians on a GPS map and checking their schedules, the customer can receive notifications via email, SMS and Push about the waiting time, and the maintenance technician will be informed about the next scheduled operation.

Warehouse Inside the Warehouse menu you can find all the available items with images and technical datasheets. For each product, we indicate the inventory divided by year and by warehouse (or van), the multi-lists with automatic recalculation procedure as well as the import of supplier lists, barcode management, and off-line inventories. Service network management With the Hub it is possible to collect via web or app the assistance calls received from customers and forward them to the authorized service center, each of which can then intervene by viewing the calls on their tablet or smartphone, and can fill in the intervention report directly from the customer, updating the collection hub in real-time.

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