PUCCI: just cisterns since 1948

PUCCI: just cisterns since 1948

There are those who do many things well…and then there are those who dedicate all their energy to just one thing and become true experts in it. In many different ways. Pucci has been making toilet cisterns since 1948, always innovating, experimenting, and diversifying. 

Only functional, versatile, durable, water-saving cisterns that meet all the needs of users and installers. What’s inside a Pucci cistern? Knowledge, first and foremost, about the needs of the public and the needs of installers. Our company has been defined by both tradition and innovation for more than 70 years, inventing the flush-mounted cistern, the double-button cistern, and systems that facilitate installation. 

Every Pucci cistern is full of skilled Italian artisan labour, and the most cutting-edge functional technology all made in Italy for flawless quality control at every stage and in every detail. But there is also a wide variety of solutions, because every bathroom needs its own perfect cistern, and every installer knows what is best for their customer. Crucially, every Pucci cistern also includes the service that accompanies it throughout its long functional lifetime. 

Pucci’s flush plates, the fundamental control panel of the cisterns, have also evolved over time. 

Their recent evolution has been striking and shows no signs of stopping now! First it became smaller and thinner, until it became a real decorative element. 

It has been reimagined in many different ways, following the trends of modern design. 

It has become a beautiful piece of design, taking on many different personalities to meet the desires of a large and diverse clientele. As technologies evolve, so do the needs of the washroom. Pucci evolves in parallel, always staying in tune with the changing world, and most of all, remaining 100% Italian for impeccable quality control at every stage and in every component. 

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