Dynamic company with an Italian heritage

Dynamic company with an Italian heritage

A dynamic company based in Italy, Ambiance Italia is the distribution brand of ILCAP SRL. It operates successfully throughout Italy and the rest of the world, thanks to a large collection consisting of chairs, stools, tables and accessories, designed to furnish environments with an original and contemporary style. 

For Ambiance Italia, quality is an indispensable value, the products are carefully selected and checked at every stage of the production process. 

One of the company’s strengths is to constantly adapt to the changing market and customer demands. Attention to detail, materials and design is fundamental in order to offer the best Made in Italy products.


What distinguishes Ambiance Italia is the ability to interpret and find solutions to different needs: it all begins with the scrupulous search for the best materials, ensuring a high-quality standard. 

From the home, to the restaurant, to the hotel, this company is able to make every environment the protagonist, thanks to the collections that are always in line with the latest trends and thanks to the possible customization of the products starting from the materials, finishes, dimensions and shapes. 

From wishes to concrete projects: this is Ambiance Italia. Europe, the United States, Asia, North Africa, the Middle East: these are just some of the countries in which the company has established itself, proudly representing Made in Italy to the rest of the world. Never forgetting the wonderful country of origin: the company is also proud to be present throughout Italy. 

Ambiance Italia incorporates environmental sustainability into its business objectives, made possible thanks to the installation and use of renewable sources. 

The photovoltaic panels cover the tops of the two different locations: Santa Maria La Longa (UD) and Premariacco (UD). An investment that has resulted in reduction on two fronts: emission reduction and cost reduction. In fact, the critical period that Italy and the rest of the world are facing does not go unnoticed. The costs of energy and raw materials are constantly increasing and have strong impact on the entire world market. 

It is essential for the Friulian company to establish a relationship with its customers that can be fulfilled in a lasting, continuous, loyal and trusting relationship. 

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