Professional appliances for the catering industry

Professional appliances for the catering industry


The future way of cooking… is now available

The Company DELM di Donnini Enzo has been designing and manufacturing professional appliances for the catering industry since 1976. In particular, the firm is specialized in production and design of glass-ceramic cooking systems.


Delm, founded in Italy in 1976, makes chefs’ lives in the kitchen easier and more prestigious with its innovative cooking systems. We have always looked ahead, offering top-quality solutions. We are a team that focuses on sustainability and on safeguarding the future of our planet. We develop our ideas through ideas from our highly skilled, motivated staff, who are always eager to satisfy our most demanding customers who want to validate their own profession by creating emotions and providing the best experiences.


Venus is the world’s first cooking system certified for professional use to be made from a slab of glass-ceramic material, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the exclusive multiple heating system with differentiated temperature zones, Venus is able to cook any type of food perfectly and simultaneously, both directly on the cooking surface and using pots and pans in aluminium, steel, copper and terracotta.

Available in gas, LPG/natural gas and electric versions. The innovative Venus range of cooking systems springs from passion and the desire to provide a practical, futuristic cooking solution. The Made in Italy brand is a global quality guarantee. With its specific fine design features, construction materials and patented technologies, Venus aims to spread the highest standards of excellence worldwide.



Glass ceramic is approved and certified as the best material for safeguarding foods during cooking, since it prevents them from sticking and does not emit leftovers of any kind. Venus is therefore your passport to healthy cooking. It also guarantees flawless hygiene, since it can be washed with soap and an ordinary dishcloth or a wet paper towel.

It also guarantees flawless hygiene and quick cleaning with ice thermal shock.


The Venus Gas control knob provides constant temperatures of about 50 °C/400 °C, reached in very few minutes, while Venus Electric Touch includes a power touch screen control, for the same temperature range.


On the right side, Venus is equipped with a drainage duct to convey cooking fats into a special removable drawer in the base. The side carrier handles are in Bakelite to protect against burns.


– Structure in 304 stainless steel with FCM authorisation

– Glass support frame in Aluminium with Teflon coating with FCM authorisation

– Glass-ceramic cooking surface


The Deluxe version has structure in food-approved AISI 304 stainless steel throughout. With copperplated finish, Venus is also an exclusive, sumptuous interior design item, while retaining all the functional features of the professional version.

A study by the Institute of Virology at Pisa University, Italy has certified that copper is able to reduce the viral load of Sarscov-2 within 10 minutes, and to neutralise the virus completely within one hour.


The Deluxe version has structure in food-approved AISI 304 stainless steel throughout. With gold-plated finish, Venus is also an exclusive, sumptuous interior design item, while retaining all the functional features of the professional version.


The professional version has structure in food-industry approved 304 stainless steel throughout, with Scotch Brite finishing.

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