Bazzara, the renowned artisan roasting firm based in Trieste, expands its range of blends by launching four new top-of-the-range products. These new blends have been scrupulously designed to satisfy the sophisticated and demanding palate of the so-called ‘coffee explorer’: an increasingly attentive and aware consumer, eager for unique and surprising sensory experiences and capable of embarking on real journeys of taste.

The process of creation of the new blends lasted almost two years, during which Sensory project manager and Academy Director Marco Bazzara analyzed dozens and dozens of coffees before selecting 26 Gourmet Arabica origins and combining them into the Panarabica line, composed of three blends boasting a roasting profile which is carefully calibrated for espresso preparation, and a formula which guarantees a perfectly balanced cup result.

These three coffees, as claimed, are literally ‘The essence of coffee continents’, as they are composed by the most valuable and refined coffee origins and represent the coffee essence of three great continents: Africa, Asia and America. Furthermore, Bazzara has broadened the already popular Bioarabica range with the introduction of the new Bioarabica Blend; an enveloping blend combining the eight individual Bioarabica origins in the harmony of an authentic, 100% organic Arabica blend. Among the news there’s also a Honduras coffee with Rainforest certification, which joins the eight organic single origins of the line.

Bazzara has always been committed to offering its consumers high quality, organic products, recognized by fair trade certifications. For this reason, the Bioarabica coffees by Bazzara stand for sustainable agriculture based on working together with agricultural producers also through reforestation projects and in favor of the protection of biodiversity. These efforts fall within Bazzara’s commitment as Benefit Company, i.e. a company integrating profit driven goals with objectives having a social and environmental impact.

The transformation started by the company is inspired by the UN Agenda 2030 and aims to achieve 360-degree sustainability, not only concerning the products which are more sustainable thanks to FSC paper packaging and the creation of the organic and Fairtrade coffee line; but also in relation to the company as a whole and the social and environmental context in which it exists. In this perspective, Bazzara implements energy saving policies along with policies aimed at the reduction of plastic and atmospheric emissions, as well reforestation projects, such as the collaboration with Treedom which has given birth to a widespread Bazzara forest made up of coffee trees planted in Kenya, Guatemala and Nepal.

Returning to the main novelty, the Panarabica line is made up of three precious blends: Panamericana, Panafricana and Panasiatica; which joining the best seller Dodicigrancru, make up the Bazzara Luxury Blend range. Each one of these new blends contains the authenticity and essence of a continent, offering unique and refined taste experiences.

Here is a detailed description of the three new products:

PANAMERICANA – From North to South America, journey on an itinerary of eleven Arabicas and discover new aromas and flavors with fruity, honeyed and creamy aromatic notes, revealing the most authentic expression of this continent.

PANAFRICANA – This 100% Arabica blend allows you to explore and rediscover the aromas and nuances of the African continent, with liqueur, citrusy and flowery notes, characterizing a coffee with a wild and inimitable character.

PANASIATICA – Journey to Asia through this 100% Arabica blend with a spicy, caramelized and chocolatey tone which perfectly synthesizes the richness and aromas of the oriental tradition with a yet balanced and enveloping taste.

These three blends are all very complex, combining coffees that are peculiar and normally savored as single origins; in the Panarabica line, they give birth to a perfectly balanced aromatic spectrum, particularly suitable for meeting the taste of the coffee connoisseur capable of appreciating rarity.

The Panarabica blends represent a new important milestone for Bazzara, a family-run roasting company that in recent years has established itself as a point of reference in the art of artisanal coffee making; and has been recognized as one of the 100 excellences of Italian food by the prestigious Forbes Italia magazine.

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