Porcelain articles for professional and home use

Porcelain articles for professional and home use

Great chefs know that the finest cuisine requires artistic presentation, and they want to enhance the flavors by using a tableware service tailored just for them. MPS Porcellane is a perfect partner because our porcelain items will showcase your culinary genius and enhance the enjoyment of every gourmet meal.

With over 30 product lines and more than 1000 shapes, MPS Porcellane not only embellishes the presentations of Ho.Re.Ca. professionals, but is a concrete answer to their needs. For over 30 years we have continued to enrich our heritage of knowledge, built on the solid foundation of quality, which characterizes each of our articles.

Functional, elegant and innovative objects available to the most demanding professionals to express the personality and style of each one at its best. Elegance and originality intertwine with the practical design of Ghisa and Mandarin Black, while Contemporary, especially with Handware, and Finger respond to the most extreme modernity, allowing restaurant customers to not compromise a moment of delight.

Gastronorm, with a line also for induction cooking, reflects the constantly renewed tradition of MPS Porcellane: listening to and anticipating the needs of our customers, such as the Pirofile line, which colors every kitchen and table with class.

Fundamental completeness with Buffet and Basic, which include indispensable items perfect for every occasion. A touch of inspiration or a new vision of classicism with the Hand Painted, Classic and Stoneware lines, capable of always surprising in their uniqueness.

Just as every gesture in the preparation of every presentation is guided by creativity and acquired mastery, our production is also the result of industrial and manual processes, which guarantee a result of exclusive quality. We are also able to respond to just in time supplies, as well as make customizations, for a service tailored to the chef.


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