Plant-based alternatives to meat The Future On Your Plate, To Make Our World A Greener And More Sustainable Place

Plant-based alternatives to meat The Future On Your Plate, To Make Our World A Greener And More Sustainable Place

Food Evolution is the result  of  the Musacchio family’s passion who has  created a new  high quality plant-based food line using a new technology, which allowed them to obtain the same texture and taste of meat.  Food Evolution line is composed of plant-based chicken slices, bacon cubes and beef chunks with herbs which are as versatile as meat itself and can be used in a wide variety of recipes. They  are plant-based alternatives to meat which, thanks to their balanced nutritional properties, can be considered unique in Italy and in many other places. You can finally say goodbye to mu- shy and spongy products and welcome to incredible food which is identical to “fried chicken” or to “crispy bacon”. The main aim of this project is to improve people’s health, prevent the death and suffering of many animals and reduce global warming.

The  Musacchios  have  been  vegetarian and have dedicated their lives to vegetarian diets for over 30 years and they star- ted  out  with  their  veggie  restaurants  in 1979. They also published several best-sellers about veggie and vegan cuisine and sold them all over the world. The Musacchios  decided  to  start  their  business  in Umbria, considered  the greenest  region in  Italy,  because it perfectly  represents their philosophy based on the respect for the environment. So, they have created a line composed of  products  which  are plant-based, 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, high-protein, low in fat, low-carb and easy and quick to cook.

For the first time, a “clean label” composed of only 6 ingredients, which is important for people who are looking for natural and healthy pro- ducts. No more debates and arguments between  vegans  and  omnivores,  but  finally products which can satisfy all palates and meet different ethical and environ- mental needs.

After its debut  in Esselunga supermarkets chain in Italy, Metro DE and Aldi UK (which sold more than 350,000 pizzas in 2 weeks with the plant-based bacon cubes as their topping) Food Evolution is ready to face new challenges both in Italy and all over the world, making his way through the big international giants of this market with its 100%  “made in Italy” products.

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