Planium Srl – TGroup

Planium Srl – TGroup

Research and innovation combined to an industrial know-how originate the Planium surfaces.

Metal, versatile to coat and embellish the rooms, is the raw and primary material of the realized and realizable projects. It is one of the most ancient, natural material, but it is also contemporary for excellence, it is suitable to underline the shapes of the urban environments.

Metal is the element with the varied qualities that Planium chooses to create exclusive architectural and emotional spaces, unique and customized floorings. Metal is inductor of primordial sensory experiences.
The charm of its mutations gives rise to a supreme synthesis of mixed emotions. Its changing and luminescent colors can become dull, deep, intense, its sophisticated perfectly smooth flatness can become natural materiality.

Metal in a word, unique. Each finish tells its story. Textures and shades create perceptions, sensations that impress themselves, leaving their mark.


The surfaces of the new Shade Collection are particularly designed to coat today’s spaces. Their essential aesthetics and the overlapping shades, electro-chemically made on metal, make each tile or coating unique and unrepeatable. This technology generates designs and geometries that enrich and characterize steel, emerging as a background.

The catalog includes other exclusive and refined finishes of steel, calamine, bronze, copper. Each material is proposed in its natural version or with different textures to choose.



Planium designs and manufactures modular and self-locking systems. In addition on the standard floorings proposed – loose-lay, raised and raised radiant – Planium designs and builds custom solutions.

All the systems are engineered and created with innovative processes, attention to quality, functionality and design.

The systems allow to install any finish with a simple gesture and exclusively dry, keeping the total reversibility and portability of the chosen flooring.


The laying of the flooring and coating tiles is very versatile: it can be completely dry, quickly and easily through patented couplings, or through a more traditional installation with glue or, finally, in case of large floor tiles, only leaning them.


Planium has many prestigious installations around the world.

Applications are different, all of them are high-level; they are developed ad hoc and designed with great care.
Our custom designs go from making unique floorings and coatings for events and trade fairs, for museum buildings, showrooms and hotels. Alongside these project installations, many are the ones made with our patented systems. The systems allow execution speeds and no interruption of the working activities in the environments our clients would like to renovate: offices, lounge bars, studios, car dealerships, banks, business, private residences…

A unique building, a jewel on the Venetian Lagoon, where events, gala dinners and exhibitions are organized: Scuola Grande della Misericordia. The sumptuous palace has been the Planium laying scene that provided 2,000 sqm. of Calamine flooring, installed by means of patented hooks. The tiles were made ad hoc in a large size and processed superficially to achieve a particular effect, in keeping with the environment. The floor, during the 2015 Biennale, the year of the reopening of the palace to the public, was stepped on by 21 thousand people in a month.

A place that proposes the creative shock to the glorious past of Tuscan art: Museo del Novecento celebrates the recent history and its works on a background of extreme elegance. 1,000 sqm of Planium flooring and coatings with details made for the project: particulars of furniture, table and finishing. Shades from gray to blue, from powder color to petroleum, the desired oxidation of steel employed gives an unprecedented scenario to the whole set.

Modern interior of living room with black sofa and lamp against of white brick wall 3d rendering
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