PIERROT, a leading company in Italy

PIERROT, a leading company in Italy

The Circular Economy is today a “mantra” in Europe and in the world for respecting the environment and controlling natural resources.

Compostability, biodegradability, recycling are now common terms also for consumers and priority for manufacturers of consumer goods.

PIERROT, one of the leading companies in Italy in production and distribution of disposable products for table decoration, offers the market a range of products that range in sizes, colors, decorations and materials to meet all needs of HO.RE.CA. professional customers.

PIERROT is also the Distributor for Italy of the PAPSTAR brand. PAPSTAR is a German leader in the sector of disposable products for table decoration, food packaging, hygiene products and HACCP in the catering sector, disposable items for the home and party events intended for professional customers such as wholesalers, catering, hotels, retail, the food sector and for private use.

Among the many items that PIERROT produces, some products particularly interpret the needs of the moment:

– Tablecloths in 140×140 cm format, both Airlaid and Spunlace, are substitute for traditional tablecloths to meet the highest demands of hygiene, economy and practicality.

POCKET napkins, with cutlery pocket, available in 40×30 and 40×40 cm sizes, in more than 15 colors, various decorations, both made by Airlaid and/or Spunlace. The POCKET cutlery napkins come with the possibility of 1/6 or 1/8 fold to meet different catering needs, from more traditional “convenient” restaurants to Wine Bars for Italian aperitif.

– Napkins cm 40×40, POCKET cm40x30 / 6 and/or cm40X40 / 8, Placemats cm30x40 and Stripes cm40x120 in an INNOVATIVE and NATURAL raw material named Airlaid “ESSENZA”.

The Airlaid “ESSENZA” is made by unbleached pure virgin cellulose, having its natural color with a “wood” effect for 100% ecological environments.

All PIERROT products can be recycled, composted or burned to generate energy.

PIERROT is an SME that tries to live the present and plan its future always looking for the best balance between market needs, the quality of its products and service to its customers with a sustainable approach.

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