Gastronorm is the representation of functionality and practicality

Gastronorm is the representation of functionality and practicality

When craftsmanship and innovation meet in the most excellent raw materials, here is the creation of porcelain items that make the difference for an extraordinary kitchen, able to anticipate the needs of professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. Sector.

A poem of shapes, colors and exaltation of the characteristics of porcelain that began in 1987, when MPS Porcellane was founded. Today, it has become a benchmark company in the sector, thanks to its ability to continue to search for quality and change, for a tradition of beauty and functionality that is constantly renewed in the name of Made in Italy.

It is with this philosophy that more than 1000 shapes of products are forged, collected in over 30 lines, each with its own peculiarities that make them unique and fundamental for every professional.

Gastronorm is the representation of functionality and practicality, in the simple but elegant lines of Basic, with a range of items that follow the standardization system of containers for professional use.

Gastronorm Gourmet baking dishes unleash the chefs’ most ingenious flair, with total color combinations that bring vibrancy to kitchens and impressive presentations. Food service reaches a higher level by exploiting the advantages of induction cooking with Gastronorm induction, with exclusive products designed for this type of cooking and to exalt the properties of porcelain, which is able in itself to maintain heat.

Cordonata impilabile means durability and class. Baking dishes, round plates, pans, dessert molds are a perfect set, also usable as serving dishes, they complete the aesthetics of presentations with the elegance of white or warm, sophisticated colors.

Inspired by practicality, the Vassoi line offers pieces for every need, available in different colors, shapes and sizes. Decorative and functional porcelain trays, to enhance serving dishes and also finger food containers, a must for every restaurateur who does not want the usual tray.

Being a professional means leaving no stone unturned. Every business needs specific items: here is the Hotel line, the ultimate in resistance but at the same time practical and versatile. Indispensable items, for every dish, between black and white to create striking contrasts or delicate brown tones for color harmonies.

The variety of the catalog MPS Porcellane allows you to meet any request, because between professionals we understand each other.

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