Ovens and equipment of HIGH QUALITY

Ovens and equipment of HIGH QUALITY

The aim of the company is to produce ovens and equipment of high quality, it is always very careful to listen to specific needs in the field of baking, so always be ready for any change in the market. A great attention is given to the customer in order to give fast answers and to understand the needs of the customers. In the Real Forni workshops, all types of systems for baking bread, pastry and pizza are produced, but other sectors are also used for the production of food  products.  The  experience  gained and the collaboration with other companies in the sector allow us to to be able to supply complete plants, from the mixture to the packaging of the finished product. Real Forni produces both deck and rotary ovens, with great investment in research and technical development of its products. The newest models are MR2 and BOSS9. MR2 is the newest electric deck model, it can arrive at 500°c and is designed specially for products that need very high temperatures, like pizza or pita bread. It’s conceived to be very flexible, it can have from 1 to 5 decks and many possibilities to combine the oven  with  leavening  chamber,  simple support or a hood. It can also be integrated with the furniture of the shop, it’s possible to have it in any color you desire. This feature  allows you to make  show-baking  and  your  customers to see with their eyes the naturalness and freshness of the products. Another  innovation  is  the  BOSS  9 rotary convection oven, which maintains  the  technology  of  the  historic BOSS model, but with a capacity of nine  trays,  for  operators  who  have small  and  differentiated  production. It’s suitable for baking bread and pastries, especially for delicate products thanks  to  the  significant  low  speed air flow through the baking chamber. Various  configurations  are  available, for example it’s possible to add a static MR2 baking chamber, a proofer or a trays holder. BOSS is an electric rotary oven that combines maximum efficiency, reduced overall dimentions and low consumptions.  All  components  requiring maintenance  are  in  the  front  side and are easy reachable, this way it’s possible to place different ovens side by side with back side against the wall, thus avoiding waste of space. It’s available in different sizes, from 40×60 until 80×100. Panorama  is  the  ideal  BOSS  version for   laboratories   or   shopping   malls, one side is inside the laboratory and the other opposite side is designed to face on the shop. It has a wide glass allowing the customer to have a “panoramic” direct view on  the  baking  process,  but  also  keeping  the working area private. Rotoreal SP is a rotary oven, it has an exclusive concept of heat exchanger with a new air circulation system, this feature guarantees an high saving of money and an optimal baking of bakery or pastry. It’s available in different sizes, from 40×60 to 80×120. All rotors are completely in 304 stainless steel and can be electric or with gas or oil burner. Rotoreal SP can be also with pellet burner. Asso 5E is a static five decks oven projected for the reduced and different production of a small bakery, with a split function enabling to have two baking processes at the same time. Elettroreal is an electric static deck oven with fully independent decks in stainless steel and top/ bottom and front adjustment. Each deck is fitted with a powerful steamer, featuring  temperature and on/off control from the control panel. The materials used and the perfect insulation make the oven very efficient even when little power is available. VapoReal is a deck steam pipe oven with double Ø27 tube for top and bottom with a triple lower fume loop made of thick refractory bricks and lateral and upper concrete castings for a perfect steam and heat seal. This model is the optimal realization of experiences gained over time, combined with cutting-edge  technical  solutions.  Built  with  top  quality materials,  it  guarantees  a  particular  strength combined with a strong thermal flywheel for a high economy of operation. It can be with gas or oil burner or with a lateral furnace for solid fuel functioning. Vapotech combines the optimal performances of the VapoReal oven with the current needs of compactness, heating elasticity and low consumption that the new technologies and types of bakery require. Thanks to the tried and tested concept of steam tube heating, the new VT2 latest evolution of the VapoTech series is an ideal partner in modern bakery. www.realforni.com

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