Mieli d’Autore

Mieli d’Autore

For four generations our family has been living in symbiosis with bees and so we are well aware of the important role they play in the balance of nature.

In 1946 Agostino Bianco gave a beehive to his grandson Mario as a birthday present, from that very moment our story began and it is still going on…

Italy, with its extraordinary wealth of flora is influenced by the Alps as well as by the Mediterranean Sea, consequently representing a gold mine for the production of high quality honey. It is not just chance that the only official honey-tasting school in the world originated right here and we are proud to be part of it.

Our corporate philosophy was perfectly expressed in the words of its founder, Mario Bianco :” the bees make the honey, all that we have to do is take them to the flowers.” We are constantly looking for uncontaminated ‘terroirs’ where the encounter between bees and flowers can be perceived when subsequently tasting the honey.

The MB “Mieli d’Autore line is the challenge of Bianco’s fourth generation.

The sophistication of Italian design and the attention to every single detail in a exclusive collection of honeys that can become a prestigious gift.

These are the values that make this selection unparalleled and unique in the panorama of made in Italy food. Living in close contact with bees every day has deeply influenced also the style adepte to present our products.

Their cells are geometrically perfect and inside each of them one can admire the different colours of honey that vary according to the season, the flowers and the area it has been collected.

Usually honey is sold in jar which labels cover its distinctive colour. Whereas we preferred to enhance this neglected aspect showing off all its gradations and hues. This line in 8 floral varieties and 5 weights (30/50/125/250/400 g) is ideal for customers such as Hotels, gourmet shops and as corporate gifts. Private label is available on the whole range.

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