Internet of thing as a contribution to the coffee industry development

Internet of thing as a contribution to the coffee industry development

From seed to cup, the importance of an efficient coffee supply chain

Morning ritual to start the day with the right energy, coffee break that marks work routine and occasion of conviviality, as well as the most loved (and essential) by Italians, we discover together why it’s important to improve the management of professional coffee machines and not only.

Technology becomes the beating heart of machines. In a world where technological innovation is the protagonist, there is no room for error.

The increasing number of high-performance technologies guarantees a constant level of quality for finished products and, thanks to the maximum internal control, gives added value.

Companies in the sector to improve their performance and ensure more prevention to the customer with effective predictive analysis will have to focus on the adoption of cloud computing systems to be integrated in their machines, but also in other devices related to Food&Beverage (granitors, coffee grinders, beverage staplers, etc.).

These IoT systems connected and integrated with mobile apps allow the remote management and control of the machines. Innovations that allow to monitor the state of machine operation/ wear detect technical problems and implement remote maintenance for timely resolution. In this way it avoids malfunctions optimizing the device performance.

Innovation is increasingly oriented towards sustainability and new technologies are increasingly geared towards minimising environmental impact.

The environmental aspect is part of all those values that make “premium” product or service.

HOST 2023, the right marketplace to discover IoT solutions related to the Food&Beverage world. IoTicontrollo supports companies at every stage of product and project development in the Internet of Thing world.

With regard to the HO.RE.CA sector, IoTicontrollo offers custom solutions starting from the idea of the partner to arrive at the complete supply of the product (hardware, software and firmware development).

In particular, in the bar and ice cream business we provide sensors to companies that integrate special electronic cards to their machines/ products that allow the transmission of the data collected by the sensor. Once extrapolated the data is transmitted from the electronic card to the cloud that allows processing and storage. Our partners can easily view and manage all connected devices via a smartphone app and/or desktop dashboard that we tailor.

Dashboard is customizable according to specific needs: logo, devices, notifications, functions, setting, account. All this allows effective predictive analysis, reducing risks and waste.

From 13 to 17 October we will be present at HOST MILANO 2023, the world fair dedicated to the hospitality and catering sector where the best national and international manufacturers of machines, equipment and technologies will participate.

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