Industrie Montali: strictly “Made in Italy

Industrie Montali: strictly “Made in Italy

Italian quality, innovation, raw material with a strictly controlled “Made in Italy” supply chain, bio-vegan products: Industrie Montali, the Emilian company that for over 100 years has been buying tomato grown, harvested and processed only in Italy, in order to guarantee the consumer a gluten-free product, processed in total absence of preservatives and dyes.

The initial canning vocation of the Montali family has expanded from the processing of tomato concentrate to the production of ready-made sauces, pâtés, paste for cooking, packaged in different formats; from the modern single-portion bag, to the aluminum tube, to the 3 and 5 kg jar, thus creating a wide assortment of products, suitable to meet audiences with different commercial expectations.

With the brand “EasyMontali”, the company offers a series of references in the sign of taste and naturalness: the SNACK line, tasty vegetable pâtés ready to use to prepare appetizers, croutons and delicious dishes, but also risotto with strong tastes, the line of READY SAUCES, to prepare in a few minutes a dish with a genuine flavor just like the homemade one, the new CHEF LINES and SAUCES, ideal for the creation of refined recipes that require delicate but decisive flavors, and in the sign of health and well-being, we find the line of BIO VEGAN READY SAUCES, recipes prepared using only ingredients of vegetable origin and organic farming, to combine the pleasure of the table with the need to eat healthy.

The HALAL, BRC, IFS, BIO, food certifications impose high quality control standards ensuring the healthiness and hygiene of the products of the Emilian company.


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