Indoor-outdoor furniture

Indoor-outdoor furniture

For well over 30 years Areta has been a market leader for indoor and outdoor polypropylene furniture that is 100% Made in Italy. With products that have consistently distinguished themselves for their functionality, durability and versatility, Areta has always offered its customers the utmost in design and comfort so that any type of environment can be furnished with style.

When was the company founded?

Areta was incorporated in Italy in 1987, when it arose from an idea that was developed over quite some time. By ensuring that only carefully selected raw materials are used, which are then subsequently processed, Areta has gradually established itself as an industry leader in the production of high quality indoor and outdoor resin furniture.

Considering the huge success of and the growing demand for our products, especially in Europe and beyond, we decided to expand our product range by introducing two new lines, the Design and the Rattan Collections, which have been studied and configured for “contract” applications.

What other products do you offer?

Our products, which are 100% recyclable, completely made in Italy, through an innovative gas-assisted injection moulding process, have developed the reputation for being synonymous with excellence. Furthermore, all our goods are rigorously tested by the most renowned European and Italian research institutes in the furniture industry so that they are in full compliance with the highest European standards. Certainly, the use of carefully selected raw materials and the rigorous work of highly qualified and specialized technicians and workers not only meet our high quality product standards but they also ensure excellent manufacturing results.

What are your strong points?

One of our primary strengths is our flexibility. We react promptly to customer needs and market evolution, applying a practical design strategy with an approach that is future oriented. Another primary point that characterizes our company is the special attention we give to product customization and logistics, so that we can meet our customers’ real needs. Shipping is managed in cooperation with the most important logistics companies in the world, selected among only those with quality certificates so that a high level of competence can always be guaranteed.

With practical and responsible actions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and combatting air pollution, Areta’s daily commitment to environmental sustainability goes well beyond the products we manufacture. Because we have adopted new, low-impact mobility solutions along with the installation of photovoltaic panels at our facilities, we are able to save 80,000 kg of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

Should we go to trade fairs?

Yes! At these events, by showcasing our new collections and by meeting our customers old and new face-to-face, we are able to strengthen brand awareness and grow our sales. Undoubtedly, industry trade fairs make excellent channels for interaction with the market where we promote our products and services. We usually participate in the most important trade fairs in the indoor, outdoor and contract sectors.

Participation in trade fairs is a motivation to always set and achieve new goals, make known the latest news, retain existing customers and also address potential ones. We will continue to thrive, to expand, to invest, adapting to the changing times to do better and never fall behind, with the right perspective towards new horizons.

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