How to deal with Coeliac disease and what precautions to take

How to deal with Coeliac disease and what precautions to take

Those who are diagnosed with coeliac disease are often ovecome by anxiety. They wonder how difficult it will be to give up certain foods and if they’ll be able to cope with the changes imposed by their condition. Rather than let oneself be overwhelmed by doubt, it’s best to become familiar with some of the concepts related to this kind of inflammatory disease.

Coeliac disease is actually more common than one might think, and can be kept under control through proper dietary management using alternative products and preparations.

This is precisely why, in order to best live with coeliac disease, it’s important to follow practical guidelines and alternative recipes. This is the very approach which Tiziana Colombo, a passionate gourmet, has adopted on her website,, which has been a reference point for those who want to combat their coeliac disease and food intolerances with fun and alternative recipes for years.

Returning to our primary topic, what are the symptoms of coeliac disease?

Those with coeliac disease experience primarily gastrointestinal disturbances, like cramps, meteorism, and frequent evacuation. In order to be diagnosed a simple blood test is required, which specifically identifies the antibody response.

Subsequently, a biopsy of the small intestine will be performed in order to officially confirm the diagnosis. While there may be a family predisposition for coeliac disease, this aspect doesn’t necessarily result in one having the disorder.

Rather, it has been noticed that diet plays an important role. In this respect, fibre and protein-based foods (rather than carbohydrates) significantly reduce the probability that the disease will present itself.

There is no specific treatment and it isn’t possible to be cured from coeliac disease. Nevertheless, one can live with this form of intolerance comfortably by eliminating gluten from his/her diet.

That’s why it’s important to eliminate products prepared with refined flour or obtained from grain derivatives. In addition to researching the topic online, we recommend working with a dietician and nutritionist in order to create a personalized diet that allows you to best live with your condition. It really won’t be a huge sacrifice, as nature offers many gluten-free foods, some of which perfectly replace traditional flours that contain gluten.

In this way it’s possible to prepare alternative bread, pasta, pizza, and sweets without too many sacrifices.

When it comes to eating out, gluten-free menus have become quite common, offering a great and entirely safe variety of options. Just be careful about potential contaminations and always read the labels.

In this case the law is on your side and all restaurants have conformed to the current regulations. In no way does coeliac disease have to affect your personal life.

In fact, this disease has become part of our cultural baggage and is treated in a totally normal way. This makes it possible to fully enjoy every moment of your life, simply being more careful about what you put in your mouth.

With time, you’ll realize that this disease not only makes you special, but also provides a way to see life from a different perspective.


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