Functionality, elegance and resistance

Functionality, elegance and resistance

Since its foundation in 1987, such a thorough knowledge of the Ho.Re.Ca sector and the constant innovation have allowed MPS to anticipate needs and evolve in harmony with requests of the market. This is the main feature that has made Manifattura Porcellane Saronno a point of reference for the supply of top quality products in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. Style and material of our items offer a unique dining experience.

The over a thousand different forms of porcelain for professional and domestic use represent a combination of functionality, elegance and resistance, with lines that constitute the starting point for the creativity of restaurateurs, to whom we also offer the possibility of extensions and customizations, so as to satisfy the most diverse needs. In fact, we have always built direct relationships with our customers, to guarantee the answers to their most immediate and appropriate needs.

The continuity of the products in the catalog also offers the possibility of supplying over time. Thanks to the quality of the raw materials and the skill of the staff, our porcelain items meet the market favor. The products are designed to be functional in multiple uses, both for oven preparations and for storing food in the cold, thanks to the high thermal resistance. Furthermore, our porcelain lends itself to optimal cleaning in the dishwasher.

The production process includes both automated and manual stages. Both guaran- tee the remarkable craftsmanship of the products combined with large quantity and series, so as to meet the numbers required by commercial customers. All production is then subjected to constant analytical checks, at the end of which the most accredited institutions on the matter issue a quality and safety certification for contact with food. MPS is a dynamic company that, thanks to an advanced production and warehouse management, and thanks to a great wealth of experience and specific know-how, has made and will continue to make quality research a working method.

We aim to inspire innovation among culinary specialists, ensuring the best products to start creating.

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