MIES: a new way to divide spaces

MIES: a new way to divide spaces

ADL, a brand belonging to the BOFFI group, has always aimed at dividing living spaces by compartmenting volumes in accordance to the needs and living habits of each person. This design goal is mainly achieved with Mies: a system with a forefront constructive technology and rigorous appearance that is one of the products that make ADL company stand apart.

The glass partition does not generate borders, but it is an imperceptible line that crosses the space and makes it more comfortable for living. Mies’ innovative continuous glass wall eliminates the barriers created by traditional walls and divides the rooms while still connecting them harmonically, preserving functionality and visual consistency.

Now more than ever, this solution is ideal for public spaces such as offices, restaurants, cafés and hotels which can be easily divided in smaller units that allow the users to maintain the safe distance without compromising the availability of the rooms.

ADL developed the same concept when they designed VIEWER, a new product made of glass with an aluminum frame that is very easy to install; it is sufficient to rest the product on the floor and divide spaces such as in public offices, restaurants and studies that need to share an area while still keeping every part of it visible. Moreover, VIEWER is an efficient anti-virus barrier that takes advantage of the incentives for the sanitation of workplaces. VIEWER is a functional and stylish piece of furniture for working areas and it is characterized by a sturdy aluminum frame whose finishing can be customized to pair with MIES.

Glass has an essential role in all of this because it is a filter that allows light and sight to flow freely in the spaces thanks to a selection of versions from transparent to colored glass, opaque glass, laminated glass or textured glass while, at the same time, the glass provides excellent acoustic and olfactory insulation and allows perfect aeration.

The thin aluminum frame can mount the doors of the ADL range characterized by the absence of jambs between the glass; moreover, the innovative patented rail allows both great adjustments and easy installation. MIES is a simple solution that gives character to a space and easily matches any style.


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