Natural wood floors

Natural wood floors

Mafi stands for as much natural as innovative natural wooden floors. The family business from Schneegattern, Upper Austria sees itself as a trendsetter in the wooden  flooring  industry  and  proves this time and again with its constantly expanding  product  range.  Architects, designers and socialites worldwide trust the understanding of design as well as the quality of mafi’s natural wooden floors.

More  than  100  years’  experience  in processing  wood The raw material wood has accompanied the Fillafer family since the end of the First World War. At that time, a sawmill was run in the grounds of a house in  Schneegattern,  Upper  Austria.  The largest, contiguous woodland in Central Europe,  the  Kobernaußerwald  Forrest formed  the  perfect  starting  point  for this. The  family  took  the  first  steps  in  the design  direction  with  the  production of  wooden  ceilings  and  joists  and  the unique, hand-carved decoration thereof.  Over  the  years,  the  family  owned enterprise   perfected   the   processing and the integration of wood into man’s living space. In 1992, Fritz Fillafer’s focus wandered from the ceiling to the floor, the basis of living space. Since then, the family produces both traditional and innovative natural wooden floors un- der the name mafi.

Nature as the best designer Sustainability and resource efficiency are part of the mafi philosophy and permeate through all company areas. So, mafi obtains its wood almost exclusively from Central Europe and only from carefully managed forests if possible. Herein, mafi uses the entire tree. Every  tree,  however,  is  unique,  and any plank thereof is one of a kind. No floor is therefore like any other, nothing is produced on stock. The customer receives his own work of art made specifically for him – mafi: walk on art. Varying widths and lengths or even single  product  lines  reflect  this  basic philosophy. Any resulting waste wood is used in the internal pellet production.

Mafi natural wooden floors was the first company in the industry, which declined to use any form of paint or chemical additives in the production of  wood  floorings.  mafi’s  special  oils penetrate deeply into the top layer of the wood flooring, cure and thus make the wood resistant from the in- side out, without forming a film layer. Both the oils and and the soaps used consist of purely natural substances. The individual layers of the boards are glued together with pva glue without any harmful substances. The natural and sustainable approach of mafi led to  outstanding  certifications  like  the Living Product Challenge, the Energy Globe Award and the approval of the Australian Asthma Council. Never normal, but unique – mafi as the Trendsetter

Every year, next to “traditional wooden floors” new technologies and de- signs are developed, many of which are already proven as pioneers in the international market. In this way, natural knots and cracks are not negated, but rather through coloured puttys celebrated. Hand planed cracks or the  individual  colours  of  the  cracks are only the tip of the tradecraft ice- berg. The 3-D surfaces of the mafi Fresco Edition are especially enjoyable barefoot. The raised  upper  layer  performs  a  slight  but nonetheless unforgettable massage effect. 2009 brought with it an honourable mention in the Red Dot Design award for the mafi Fresco Duna, oiled in white, in the Interior Design category. Especially unique are also the Carving Edition  patterns  which  through  the  designs across several planks give a larger surface appearance. The long standing Paisley design is having a revival thanks to this, just as what used to be rough sound of the Seattle music scene inspired Grunge optic is. 2012 mafi gain the red dot design award: best of the best for its Carving Club I. International success

With  20  employees  in  organisation  and about  80  employees  in  production,  mafi celebrates   international   success. Apart from Europe, people live and work on mafi natural wooden floors in the USA, Japan, UAE, Australia and Mexico. Altogether, mafi exports to approx. 40 countries on this Earth. Socialites like Claudia Schiffer and Giorgio Armani count themselves as customers just as much as Star Architect Norman Foster. International brands like Facebook or the Hotel group Hyatt selected mafi floors for their Headquarters.

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