Mikah Is Black, But Full Of Colors And Vibes…

Mikah Is Black, But Full Of Colors And Vibes…

“Unlike other national and international roasters, our roots go back to the origins of coffee in Arab countries and extend into an international and contemporary portfolio of different blends, roasts and related products. We are not an ancient company but a dynamic team of professionals from all over the world able to face all the challenges  of  this  culture  in constant development  and fast evolution.

We are not satisfied with the inherited values, but we are committed day after day, to the satisfaction of our customers who are our most important value.

Our constant goal is to achieve the highest international standards and absolute perfection. We roast our coffee in Italy with a team of specialists who guarantee the best performance of our unique blends.”

1.THE COMPANY MASSIMO HAKIM: Founder, CEO, “heart and soul” of MIKAH Coffee, Massimo Hakim is a passionate man full of surprises, a dreamer, a man who knows how to enjoy the best of life but with a precise, solid and concrete vision. His innate communicative gift al- lows him to easily connect people all over the world through a simple cup of coffee, MIKAH of course.

Massimo’s ability led him to select a team of professionals in the various branches, who, starting from the common feature to be “coffee lovers”, specialized in the different fields for the creation of the superlative MIKAH blends: from the agronomist who supports the farm with harvest planning in order to optimize the product, taking into consideration climate of the different areas, to the “Roasters” who choose from the original Mikah blends and develop and create new blends based on the requirements of the new generation coffee drinkers and to the new coffee drinking continents.

BRAND IDENTITY the desired perception obtained  by  MIKAH  for  its  target  is  of  a “oneandonly coffee”, tasty, with a unique flavor but also colorful, glamour and chic. BRAND IMAGE steadily committed to the perfect image of the products: great attention to colors and details without lowering the quality standard. BRAND POSITIONING this constant strive to  perfection  also  includes  the  choice  of Partners that Massimo Hakim selects personally  and  need  first  of  all  to  share  the MIKAH  values  and  vibes.  This  is  why  the Mikah team is in constant contact with its customers to support them, not only during the start-up period, but also and above all in their normal activities never leaving them alone: supporting marketing, management and maintenance.

It being so “differently good” with its charming and classy image that allows its entrance into the most elegant and luxurious facilities  of  the  middle-eastern  countries best known for their extremely high-quality lifestyle. 2.MIKAH COFFEE

THE PLANTATIONS CHOSEN BY MIKAH: The crops are chosen and tested by Mikah and its Origins come mainly from: Brazil, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Malaysia, Uganda, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Yemen, Etiopia, Messico, Peru, Salvador, Honduras, Indonesia, Costa d’Avorio, Ruanda and Jamaica. Origins from extraordinary Countries, masters in production of raw materials, which MIKAH skillfully combines for the development of its peerless blends.

MIKAH’S ROASTING PROCESS The roasting develops in different steps, starting from the drying of the coffee beans, passing through the browning stage, up to the roasting. MIKAH has always chosen to roast using the “Milanese or Lombardy” way that means a medium light roast to preserve all precious features of raw materials used in its blends in order to obtain a top espresso in the cup. In its Headquarter in Broni – Pv, MIKAH regularly organizes courses dedicated to professionals for the different stages to pursue a professional career. The courses cover a wide know- how that starts from the raw coffee crop in the fields, to go through the whole production process, extending to coffee brewing utlising professional machines, ending with the maintenance of this equipment. PACKAGING:

From the very high quality to the beauty of the package. Mikah trademark is in the development of its packaging as if it were in an “haute couture atelier”:  bright colors and sophisticated materials for the Mikah stylish packages.


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