Safety and emergency protection covid-19 When design is at the service of safety and protection

Safety and emergency protection covid-19 When design is at the service of safety and protection

To respond in a professional and safe way to measures related to social dis- tancing without renouncing design and aesthetics,  MOMENTI’s  TeamLab  has created, developed and engineered a modular system of panels with different configuration possibilities and, above all, customizable. An added value that we are able to offer thanks to our important know-how with the guarantee of a 100% made in Italy product. The panels can in fact be customized by choosing from the over six hundred graphics of the Crazy Paper and Crazy Paintings collections  provided  by  our  library,  or with the company logo or other images provided by the customer.

Made of compact polycarbonate (un- breakable  material,  high  strength  and excellent  transparency)  or  in  the  particular “sandwich” structure in PVC with fiberglass coating and water-based antibacterial protective resin (Tecno Fiber + WAT®  Protection), which characterizes and identifies all MOMENTI production, these panels thus become a creative system to redesign the meeting spaces and transform “cold” barriers into an original design complement, recovering a minimum of sociability, while respecting the rules and preserving safety of all. Ideal for shops and businesses, but also for lobbies and waiting rooms, restaurants, gyms and fitness centers, offices and shared work spaces (for example open spaces), hairdressers and beauty centers,  these  dividers  are  designed for  high-level  situations  social  density: compact polycarbonate is in fact two hundred and fifty times more resistant than glass and twenty times more robust than plexiglass, compared to which it is more flexible and refractory to wear, scratches and chemical agents.

The   larger   standard   modules   (from 180×90  cm.)  are  inserted  in particular floor plates in painted metal and treated  with  anti-rust, available  with  matt lacquered  finish  in  fourteen  colors;  in the  case  of large  spaces,  and  there- fore more complex configurations, the panels are coupled by means of special plates  (both  flat  and  angular)  always in painted  metal.  Particularly  ingenious is the possibility of applying a small shelf, also in metal, to the dividing panel, where you can insert your work tools (for example brushes and hairdryer) or a tray for bottles and condiments (in the case of a restaurant).

Bench  protective  barriers  (perfect  for desks  or  reading  rooms)  can  also  be customized: easy to install, thanks to the interlocking brackets, and equally quick to disassemble for the disinfection and cleaning of the support parts, they can be customized both in thickness and in size, and made more creative with borders and graphics.

The offer is completed by alveolar Prolipropylene (or Polionda) totem-dispensers  for  the  distribution  of  disposable gloves and sanitizing gels: provided with a triangular or square 30 cm base and with a height of 1 meter. The totems can also be naturally personalized with the chosen graphics. The Polionda is a material as light as it is resistant to atmospheric  agents,  chemicals  and  water, however clean and sanitized it can be; it is also a product with low environmental impact since it is completely recyclable.

The aluminum version, more elaborate, was designed for situations that require  a certain style (such as boutiques, hotels or important restaurants): provided only with a square base (always 30 cm.), It is equipped with a compartment with dispenser sensor for the gel, a glove pocket and two side cavities with built-in basket. The fiber- glass and antibacterial resin coating allows you to position the totem-dispenser both indoors and outdoors; the top can alternatively be lacquered in the twenty colors of the MOMENTI Collection.

Thanks to MOMENTI, therefore, even in social distancing it is possible to create a certain atmosphere and give a touch of glamorous and innovative design to public and private spaces.

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