Excellent quality and creativity

Excellent quality and creativity

The essence of a beautiful culinary presentation is the fusion of excellent quality and creativity. The most visionary chefs can count on MPS porcelain items for a solid foundation of functional aesthetics. In fact, our company has been designing and manufacturing first-rate porcelain tableware and products with carefully selected raw materials from Limoges for over thirty years.

The combination of manual and industrial processes in the production phase combines craftsmanship with the need for quick and tailor-made supplies for our customers. And it is precisely thanks to elite partnerships and fruitful collaborations that MPS Porcellane is able to anticipate the needs of all professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, to provide answers and solutions that make baking dishes, salad bowls, casseroles and many other types of items indispensable al – lies to enhance their genius.

More than 1000 shapes told by more than 30 product lines, summarize our philosophy of pursuit of quality and continuous innovation. From specific uses to the most unexpected ones, the versatility of Grand Buffet, plates, baking dishes, risers and salad bowls that were born for the gastronomy counters, is infinite.

Complementi is essential refinement in an alliance of practicality and design, thanks to platters with compartments to present side dishes and sauces in an exquisite way, while we revisit classics and interpret today’s future with two lines that know how to amaze in their simple intuition: Miniature and Clever.

Cups, butter plates, cake pans, mini risers and graceful complements accompany the main dishes on the table, when casseroles and pans present smart monoportions.

The efficient elegance of MPS items is also evident in the oven and microwave, where they can be used without problems, as well as in the ease of cleaning, thanks to the possibility of washing them in the dishwasher. Made in Italy is class, environmentally friendly and ICQ certified for food contact.

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