A high-class water since 1961, but that’s not all!

A high-class water since 1961, but that’s not all!

Why is our CALIZZANO water so special?

In this charming valley basin, so rich of greenery and waters, in 1961 we built the mineral water plant, which, bottling the waters of the “Fontana delle Anime” and of the “Fonte Bauda” springs, bears the name of Calizzano.

The Fonti Bauda spring – located in the territory of the Town of Calizzano in the province of Savona – wells up from the Maritime Alps, in an uncontaminated forest of beech trees, at about 1080 meters above the sea level.

For centuries, the farmers were convinced that the use of this water stimulated the appetite and cured from gastric upsets. It was also described as very fresh, very light and with a diuretic effect.

A first chemical analysis of the water was done in October 1908 in a Genoa laboratory, which ascertained the total absence of nitrites and ammonia compounds. The report of this analysis ended with these specific words: “Apart from the opinion that the bacterioscopic examination may give, the chemical analysis places it among the best table waters”. The bacteriological analysis was made in July 1913 and the results considered the spring as “very pure”.

Currently, the water from the Fonti Bauda spring is classified as “minimally mineralized”, thanks to its dry residue of only 40.3 mg/l and recognized as a water with a very diuretic effect.

After a long experimentation at a children’s institute in Milan, in 2007 the water from the Fonti Bauda spring has also obtained the ministerial recognition as “suitable for new-borns” and therefore “it is reccomended, threfore, can be utilized in the preparation of the food for suckling babies”.

Over the decades, the company has grown gradually until it has reached the third generation of entrepreneurs. The current data shows a production of around 40 million bottles per year.

The water from the Fonti Bauda spring is also utilized in the production of a wide range of non-alcoholic sparkling beverages, produced according to the traditional recipe requiring the use of sugar alone, in a variety of 9 different flavours, both in PET and in glass containers. In recent years, an interesting export flow has started towards countries such as Great Britain, United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, France and Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Hong Kong etc… .. about 80% of the surface of the plant’s roofs, is covered by photovoltaic panels  of new generation, guaranteeing about 65% of its own energy requirements. It means Clean  Green Energy which helps to reduce the planet pollution. 

CALIZANO water deserves to be tried with confidence.


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