Dr. Schär Foodservice

Dr. Schär Foodservice

For adults and children on holiday, spending the weekend away, or on a business trip, breakfast has always been one of the most important meals. This even more so for people staying in a hotel, who want their day to get off to a good start. Hotel breakfast buffets have more sweet and savoury products on offer than ever, but there are still people who struggle to find everything they need for a complete breakfast in hotels. This is the case for people who suffer from Coeliac disease and other gluten-related conditions; bread, pastries and cereal are often off-limits, and can’t be eaten even when staying in a hotel. It is for this reason that the division of the Dr. Schär group (a leader in gluten-free food production) dedicated to the world away from home, Dr. Schär Foodservice, decided to produce a line of gluten-free breakfast solutions for the hotel sector.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Schär Foodservice has studied innovative single-portion solutions that offer a 100% gluten-free breakfast for customers who need to exclude gluten from their diet. To show off these products at the breakfast buffet there is the attractive and convenient Breakfast Box, already filled with an assortment of six products. There is the Crackers Pocket and Fette Croccanti cracker toast to accompany savoury dishes, while lovers of all things sweet can choose between Petit, a deliciously buttery biscuit, and the Nocciolì, a wafer with cream and hazelnut pieces. For people who love a sweet snack there is the Pausa Ciok, a sponge cake with a milk-cream filling and a chocolate coating. For those who enjoy a tasty and balanced breakfast, we have created Fruit Müsli.

In addition to the Breakfast Box products, Dr. Schär Foodservice also offers dozens of treats in handy single portions such as Corn Flakes, Muffins Choco and Magdalenas (little cakes filled with apricot jam). An elegant wooden display stand and a basket are available for you to display them at your breakfast buffet.

As if that wasn’t enough, to complete your order (and to make the display stand or basket look even better) a further six products will be added. These ones are also in handy single portion sizes, but frozen, and in oven-proof packaging. This guarantees a safe cooking process in which the risk of cross-contamination is completely eliminated – even when cooked in the same oven as food containing gluten. In particular, Dr Schär recommends the Croissant à la Crème Noisette (croissant filled with a chocolate hazelnut spread), and for those who love a savoury breakfast, the Focaccia Farcita filled with cheese and ham. Dr. Schär Foodservice also offers four gluten-free bread options: Ciabatta and Ciabatta Rustica, the traditional Italian Rosetta and the soft Hamburger Roll, all to be filled however you like.

Hotels will no longer have to deny those who exclude gluten from their diet the pleasure of breakfast, or any other meal. Coeliacs disease is an illness that is becoming increasingly widespread in Italy, affecting 1 in 100 people. As such, all of the products signed off by Schär destined for the food service industry are designed to meet the needs for practical, safe and fast service in the professional gluten-free food industry, and offer clients with specific nutritional needs tasty products that pose absolutely no risk to their health.

For more information www.schaer-foodservice.com

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