AUDEIA, acoustic and audio applications

AUDEIA, acoustic and audio applications

Audeia’s research and development have always aimed at overcoming the limits of noise pollution strict rules. Being a specialist in audio systems for harsh-environment applications for some time now, Audeia has been focusing on the entertainment industry, developing systems for nightclubs and live events.

Audeia has developed advanced controlled emission systems such as line-array and sound systems. AASER is the latest technology developed by Audeia, a new gene- ration that opens new application scenarios. The AASER system provides uniform sound diffusion over the entire audio  band,  avoiding  uncontrolled  emissions of bass frequencies, which are the  main cause of noise pollution in traditional systems.

The AASER system is based on a unique stimulated emission technique that concentrates the sound only where it is needed. This feature prevents the sound from propagating in unwanted directions, allowing to play mu- sic at any time without bothering the neighborhood.

The  controllable  sound emission also makes it possible to have different music programs in  contiguous  spaces,  even  in small areas. The music in one area will not interfere with the music in the other area, creating two completely independent yet physically united listening areas. Launched at Prolight & Sound in 2016, the AASER system has now reached its third edition,  with  a  complete  range  of  pro- ducts for all requirements.

The system is easy to install and has a simple and intuitive software interface. The autoset function is extremely useful because it allows the automatic optimization of the main parameters.

Our technicians are always available for customers  and  installers  to  help them choose  the  most  suitable  product  and configure it in the best way.

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