Horeca training at work

Horeca training at work


Bartenders, chefs and waiters: all these professionals went through a real struggle during the pandemic. Mass layoffs, abuse of state aids, lockdowns and any kind of limitations: all these things affected business, especially during the summer when bars and restaurants have found themselves understaffed.

In 2022, according to a study of an Italian employment agency, these situation will lead to a sudden boost in hiring all over the world. And therefore, there will be so many new opportunities for certified professionals.

MIXOLOGY Academy is a true international training hub, but it is not just a school, it is a real bartenders academy. By attending one of their courses and getting any of their prestigious certificates (recognized all over the world), it will be easy and quick to have access to the many opportunities in the HORECA world.

MIXOLOGY Academy it’s entitled with 2 quality certification

1. ISO certification, that is recognized all over the world and guarantee the high standard of the courses 2. Regional certification in Lazio and Lombardia, where the academies are located, that let MIXOLOGY Academy offer scholarships and financing.

From 2017 to 2019, 94.3% of our students have found an employment within 3 months from the end of the course. In 2020, despite the serious economic-health emergency, this statistic still stood at 78.7%. Then in 2021, thanks to the restart of the entire industry and the hard work of all the MIXOLOGY Academy’ staff, the rate rose to 96.9%.

The employment agency inside the Academy (Bartender Job) is an essential tool to help our students job seeking, and it became a trusted reference for both small and important brands such as Big Mamma Group.

The study plan is divided in the 2 main subjects: Cafeteria (5 courses) and Bartending (4 courses), with an extra focus on the management part of the bar business.

The barista, or as MIXOLOGY Academy call him, the Barista Coffee is a highly specialized professional who is trained to carry out his duties in bars or restaurants. The most complete course is the Coffee Art Specialist.

The other path you can embark on, will lead you to the bartender career. At MIXOLOGY Academy you can learn both the traditional way of mixing cocktails, up to the more WS LATEST NEWS INSIGHTS as Molecular Mixology.

To become a real professional you will also learn about spirits and liqueurs – about 1000 labels are explored both on a technical and organoleptic level. This approach makes the student able to mix and create any kind of cocktail, using balanced combinations of spirits and liqueurs.

In the bartending branch you may choose between 4 courses (https://www.corsiperbarman.it/corsi/c/corsi-barman/). With the Professional Bartender course, for example, you will manage all the basics in 2 week.

The most complete and popular course is the Global Bartending, a 180 hours course. A global bartender excels in every framework and behind every kind of bar counter: from the disco, to the extra luxury cocktail bar, in Italy and abroad.

For every program you subscribe, there’s the possibility to add an “Academic Year” that is a bonus package giving you the opportunity to repeat every course of your study plan, in order to enhance your skills.

The Academic Year let you use the classroom for practice under the guidance of our trainers, make work simulations, take part in masters and stay updated on brand new ways of mixing. You will also get free access to all online content.

Furthermore, thanks to the Super-Intensive option, lessons can be provided in a 8-hours-a-day formula (instead of 4) halving the time needed to finish, and also reducing travel and accommodation costs if you come from afar. There is no study plan complete as much as the one at the MIXOLOGY Academy, which prepare professionals for high-level careers.

The courses include state-of-the-art methods, study materials, practice – based on the approach: Learning by Doing – and theory. In addition you will learn the great scientific method of the Global Bartending that optimize speed, movements and use of the tools, to achieve the maximum proficiency you can think of.

The skills acquired at the MIXOLOGY Academy’s courses will make the difference in the job market and will surely stand you out from the crowd.

Courses are held both online and live in Rome and Milan academies, which are over 600 square meters building, each with 5 different classrooms and up to 90 workstations.

No other academy in Europe is structured in the same way. Once the courses are over there’s the possibility to start internships at bar, cocktail bars and restaurants, also it is possible to stay updated with online lessons, webinar and the App.

Moreover MIXOLOGY Academy provides for equipment and tools, books, guides and the course manual. The academy’s trainers are top experts and each of them work with 12 students max. Both Master Trainers and Basic Trainers are constantly updated in the “Beverage” world and also on teaching techniques.

The effectiveness of the teaching and the passion transmitted contribute to the success of the students on the job market. That’s the reason why students have very often brilliant and satisfying careers.

On www.corsiperbarman.it you can find some of their stories and on the YouTube Channel also some interview with the ones who went work and live abroad.

In fact MIXOLOGY Academy encourages young people to go abroad, and on the website www.corsiperbarman.it, entire sections are dedicated to provide useful and updated information on the various countries where it is convenient to move, with related practical indications and suggestions.

The total amount due for the courses is payable in 30 convenient monthly rates without interest. Nevertheless if you complete at least 20% of the program (or 20% of the first module) and you are not satisfied by the course or simply realize that this is not the path you want to take in your life, there is the 100% Money Back Guarantee.



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