ALKY S.A. – Peks

ALKY S.A. – Peks

A new, innovative combustion system for you by Peks. Always in the forefront, Peks’ products aim to those are both environmentally-conscious and attentive to research.

Technology and nature meet halfway to create a modern and efficient device. 

A multi-fuel system looking at the future: an eco-friendly product ensuring significant cost savings.

Peks’ multi-fuel devices fit in different contexts of use, both domestic and commercial. They always guarantee long-lasting performances as well as a better and more uniform heat diffusion. Unlike the traditional ones, Peks’ outdoor stoves homogeneously release the heat from the bottom to the top, providing a warmth-diffusion radius up to 1.5-2 mt. Thanks to Peks’ patented technology, both PKS and pellet may be used as fuel. So, by complying with an eco-friendly philosophy, you will able to enjoy a low environmental-impact heat. Pyrolysis consists in the thermo-chemical decomposition of organic materials in absence of oxidizing agents. Resorting to such technology, Peks proposes a safe alternative to electricity and to the hard-to-handle gas cylinders. Being powered by pellet, pyrolytic outdoor heaters take advantage of a completely natural fuel that would not have any other purpose. For involving no chemical processes nor transformations, PKS represents a clean alternative.

Safety and practicality are the most obvious benefits.

An alternative that protects the safety of everybody: no smells, no smoke, no gas cylinders to change. Thanks to their practical wheels, Peks’ pyrolytic outdoor heaters can be handily transported. They fit in total safety both open-air and in spaces even closed on three sides.

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