A magical place

A magical place

A magical place suspended in time, a historic village surrounded by hills at the foot of Calvana – a small community immersed in greenery overlooking Val di Bisenzio – shares this  environment  among  historic houses and green areas. Inside a portion of this articulated village, we have been involved in the restyling of the interior spaces. The appearance is that of a classic Tus- can farmhouse with terracotta floors and large wooden beams on the ceiling; an imposing fireplace dominates the scene of the main space.

Our intervention consisted of the rationalization  of  functions  and spaces and tried to lighten some elements of the tradition. The request has been to fully enjoy the fireplace, cocooned on the sofa. Starting from this, the main room, which   previously   housed   the dining room, has been converted into a living room with a large sofa and an extendable table to be used for all occasions.

The room that previously housed the sofas now houses a modern kitchen and dining area. A recurring  element  that  characterizes the main rooms, such as the living room and the master bedroom, is the profile of these rooms and that is the most basic outline of the concept of home, the one that a child draws when they ask him to represent his family.

We  wanted  to  emphasize  this idea so simple yet strong; in the living room, the beams seem to continue on the walls thanks to dove-coloured bands that identify this idea of home. In the double bedroom, the new walk-in closet becomes  the  ideal  background to emphasize this primordial sign. The new play of plasterboard false  ceilings  also  becomes  the place  to  insert  an  architectural light  that  enhances,  thanks  to the colours on the wall, this play of  volumes  that  intersect  each other.

The  old  bathroom  with  built-in bathtub and masonry furniture has  left  space  to  a  simple  and sober bathroom full of character. The play of colours in the natural tones of the stone-effect porcelain  stoneware  perfectly  harmonizes  with  the  plaster- board ceiling that hides two LED bars, creating a diffused light in the shower area on the one hand, and wetting the wall of the washbasin characterized by a 3d stoneware effect with a wash-wall effect on the other.

Thanks to its pearly colour and effect, this covering is enhanced by the grazing light that brings out all the shades, resulting in a vibrant effect. The beautiful freestanding bathtub becomes the sculptural background around which the entire bathroom develops. www.bettazzipercoco.com

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