100 years with the fragrance of lavender and orange blossom

100 years with the fragrance of lavender and orange blossom

The Gibelli biscuit factory in Vallecrosia (IM) was founded in 1921 when Ettore, after training in the best pastry shops in Turin, fulfilled his dream and began to produce simple but original biscuits, with quality, genuine and light ingredients.

Then he passes on his passion to his daughters Giuseppina and Annamaria who carry on the company with tenacity, dividing the business into artisan biscuit factory and pastry shop.

Today, the third generation, brothers Giovanna and Ettore are in charge of  the biscuit factory, who continue to produce traditional Western Ligurian biscuits by hand.

«Our specialties are amaretti – explains Giovanna – we propose them with  the same recipe as our grandfather and then the “Rundi“, a reinterpretation of shortcrust pastry enriched with typically local flavors:

Lavender from the Riviera dei Fiori, bitter orange blossom water, extra virgin olive oil. All high quality ingredients from our territory: we differentiate ourselves from “industrial” competitors, we bring back those past’s flavors so loved by our customers».

Lavender is one of the “ancient” ingredients. Biscottificio Gibelli is one of the most active members of Associazione della Lavanda della Riviera dei Fiori, thanks to which it discovered Lavender  Officinalis  Imperia,  a  special  kind suitable for food purposes: it is camphor-free and has a delicate flavor.

«We use it for “Rundi”, “Chifferi” and the lavender pandolce with almonds and candied oranges – says Giovanna – For biscuits we use both lavender flowers and essential oil, offering a delicate and enveloping flavor”. What are the advantages of joining Associazione della Lavanda della Riviera dei Fiori? Giovanna has no doubts: «“Networking” among  its members. It is easier to promote products, communication is more direct, stronger, together with other professionals promoting our territory».

Meanwhile, people are increasingly open to unusual tastes combinations. «Of course – assures Giovanna – already in the past, lavender was used in recipe, we simply recovered the tradition bringing it into the future».


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