We test new applications looking at sustainability

We test new applications looking at sustainability

Respecting food safety is an obligation for every organization related to the food sector and the purpose of packaging  is to keep the  product unaltered  during all stages of the process leading from packaging to consumption of the product itself.

The packaging must therefore be able to contain and preserve the food,   allow   transportation   and presentation on the shelf, conveying useful information to the consumer. Today, the corporate objective can no longer exist in isolation from  subjects  concerning  health, well-being, and sustainability.

This is the heart of the style of Laminati Cavanna SpA, a company located in Piacenza that for over 50 years has been laminating flexible packaging for the food, pharmaceutical,  cosmetic, electrical,  and industrial sectors. Anna  Paola Cavanna introduces us to the company: “We work on behalf of third companies for the main Italian converters and, thanks to our constant dedication and research into  innovative  solutions, we have been able to keep up with a market in a state of ferment and continuous technological evolution.

Our core business is lamination but we also offer coil cutting and grinding services for rubberized cylinders. We experiment with new materials and adhesives and thanks to our know-how, our machinery, and our strong specialization we can perform the processing required by the customers who rely on us.” How do you approach your customers? “We work in close  contact with the research and development departments of many Italian companies, and we often carry out tests and samples on new packaging solutions, both in terms of film lamination and in terms of lacquering and coating.

The food sector represents more than half of  our  total  processing  volume,  which  is why we are ISO 9001 and BRC packaging certified.  What  are  the  most  innovative solutions today? “There is certainly a great deal of attention being paid to sustainable solutions with a lower environmental impact, while still guaranteeing the same performance and safety”.


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