Specialty coffee… what else?

Specialty coffee… what else?

In winter days Russian drinks Vodka… in Switzerland, North Germany  and Austria people drinks café crème

During the winter season, especially in the northern part of Europe, days are cold and long, people start working early and need the company of a hot drink. What’s better than a full cup of coffee? That’s why the café crème has become famous since 1980s.

Café  crème  is  not  an  invention,  but  simply  an adaption of way drinking coffee: it’s originally an espresso – the famous Italian espresso – grounded coarser than espresso powder, with more quantity of water and longer brewing time. His 180 to 240 ml of hot drink and the coffee fragrance are very enjoyable and keep you warm in these cold days.

Café  crème  vs. Americano You may think that they are similar but in reality there are many differences between  them.  The  café  crème,  has  the ground  coffee  interacting  with  all  the brewing process directly.

The americano, is a traditional double shot of espresso brewed into the same volume (or more) of hot water. The extraction rates and levels are different, the creme production  is  different,  and  also  the  interaction with oils, lipids, and fats in the ground coffee is different.

Which  is  better? The  americano by a long stretch under most conditions.  The espresso’s brewing method is more precise and refined, for the americano brewing method, all you have to do is watering the coffee down with plain hot water.

But the café crème is more challenging and potentially more rewarding when you brew a  great  cup  of  it.  Knowing you  worked hard to get the grind just right and brew it with a coffee machine which result will be a 170 to 200 ml cup of coffee with goldish color crema on the top makes the difference and your coffee will taste better.

From café crème to Specialty Coffee – two different worlds Here  at  MIKAH  coffee, we have just launched a new product line which will be appreciated by both café crème and tea lovers: Specialty coffee. In  fact,  also  our  single  servings are pre – pared using from 160 to over 200 ml of hot water, depending on the way you like coffee – strong, mild or light ,but with some differences.

Our Specialty coffee has been studied with all the minimum details:  we’ve  selected the best origins in the world, each portion is singularly wrapped in a special sachet with tasting valve in order to offer the coffee lovers a unique experience of freshly grounded specialty coffee.

Would you like to try it? Visit mikah.it and discover also all the other delicious blends of MIKAH. www.mikah.it

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