A unique design for demanding chefs

A unique design for demanding chefs

X-OVEN was established in 2013 by entrepreneur Alfredo Mercurio and his business partner Enrico Piazzi, restaurateur and inventor.

The company produces and distributes charcoal ovens with unique side grill drawer system around the world for the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors.

The X-Oven Group is made of X-Oven International, headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, responsible for the Swiss and international markets and X-Oven Italy, located in Cremona,  in charge of the marketing activities in Italy.

Italian design and Swiss precision combine to produce the X-Oven cooking equipments, making them the perfect blend among functional excellence, tradition, and innovation.

With its side grill drawers arranged at different heights X-Oven offers to talented chefs an innovative solution that replaces traditional incandescent, awkward, uneconomic and not very safe grills.

Designed for professional kitchens, X-OVEN is available in three different models: with one, two or three grill drawers.

The X-Oven.1  is a specialized product, that delivers a high and uniform service temperature that can reach 380°C and remains constant throughout a standard service. It is perfect for an intense and aggressive cooking style.

With two grill drawers the X-Oven.2 is the solution that matches the ease of use of the X-Oven.1 with the versatility of the X-Oven.3.

It is the ideal product for chefs that want to combine the different heat intensity between grill drawers suitable to customized cooking techniques with an internal service temperature sufficiently homogenous to optimize production capacity.

The X-Oven.3 is a versatile product that offers multiple cooking options, as it takes full advantage of its vertical height. Thanks to the three drawers chefs have the choice to exploit different temperatures ranging from 200 to 350°C.

The product distinctive features have been recognized for their uniqueness and are patented internationally.

X-Oven is a cooking equipment that enhances natural food flavors, encourage creativity, cuts energy costs and guarantees a safe working environment.

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