A unique design for demanding chefs


X-OVEN was established in 2013 by entrepreneur Alfredo Mercury and restaurateur and inventor Enrico Piazzi. The company produces and distributes its internationally patented charcoal ovens with lateral grill drawers around the world for the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors.

The X-Oven Group is comprised of X-Oven International, the headquarter, based in Lugano, Switzerland, responsible for the Swiss and international markets and X-Oven Italy, located in Cremona and in charge of marketing in Italy.

Italian design and Swiss precision combine to produce the X-Oven, making it the perfect blend of functional excellence, tradition, and innovation.

Enrico Piazzi is a restaurateur and inventor for both work and pleasure. After years of slaving over the hot grills, that opens up the traditional front hatch of old fashioned charcoal a variety of foods could be prepared at different temperatures.

Designed for enclosed spaces in professional kitchens, X-OVEN is the only oven with grill side drawers available in three models: with one, two or three grill drawers.

The X-Oven.1 model is considered a specialized product, characterized by a high and uniform service temperature that can reach 380 ° C and remain constant throughout a standard service. It is perfect for an intense and aggressive cooking.

The X-Oven.2 model, with two grill drawers, is the ideal solution for combining the versatility of the X-Oven.3 with the ease of use of the X-Oven.1. The X-Oven.2 grants at three alternative heights. On the upper level, it hosts a grill drawer with 10 cm of available height.

The X-Oven.3 model is a versatile product that offers chefs multiple cooking options.

The X-Oven.3 takes full advantage of its vertical height. Chefs to exploit lower or higher temperatures.

The product’s distinctive features have been recognized for their uniqueness and are patented internationally.

The X-Oven is distributed globally. Cooking tools that enhances natural food flavors, encourages creativity, cuts energy costs and guarantees a safe working environment, through the use of this innovative product, the world’s most talented chefs.

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