Villa D’este Home Tivoli, leader in the sector for over twenty years

Villa D’este Home Tivoli, leader in the sector for over twenty years

When it comes to tableware in Italy, Villa d’Este Home Tivoli is the master. Today it enters the world of Horeca, bringing its significant experience and unmistakable style. As the main brand of Galileo S.p.A. Group and a leader in the sector for over twenty years, Vil­la d’Este Home Tivoli has established a unique identity, breaking classical moulds and creating new rules that have become a reference point both inside Italy and abroad.

What does dinnerware mean to Vil­la d’Este Home Tivoli? Color, creativi­ty, nonconventionality, and fashion.

Back in the 90s, when the brand was taking its first steps and classic black and white porcelain reigned for large occa­sions, Villa d’Este Home Tivoli left mouths agape with its tables full of colour. Co­lour with a capital C. From bright colors to pastel shades, it has responded to the demand for a style revolution. It tells the general public that elegance can be achieved using even the most original combinations. First and foremost is the choice of materials that have written the history of tableware, like porcelain and precious bone china, often com­bined with other more functional and contemporary materials like stoneware and ceramics.

 Villa D’este Home Tivoli

This is how Villa d’Este Home Tivoli responds to its customers number one need: practicality infu­sed with style.

The humble soup bowls establish the base monochrome colors of the table setting, while the main pla­te and fruit plate, with their lively decorations, be­come the protagonists of the mise en place Villa d’Este Home Tivoli. This is where the brand’s wor­ld class character shines, as it deconstructs the traditional table setting. First, the dishes establish the context, which is then expanded to the cut­lery, glasses and placemats. Each individual place setting is different, despite coming from the same set,  so that every diner joining the meal gets a personalized experience.

Each piece of the service offers a unique spin on the central theme, without repeating and without sacrificing sophistication. The creativity, the leitmotif of the Villa d’Este Home Tivoli philosophy, is the result of strong creative teamwork between specialized graphic artists, experienced desi­gners, and market experts. Each themed set is ready for the dinner table only after a speci­fic and detailed study of contemporary market trends and demand, enhanced by novelties found on the catwalks of haute couture and in the major international design salons.

All of this is organically blended into the heart of Villa d’Este Home Tivoli to drive the parallel themes that have made it recognizable: the acclaimed Coastal style; the Exotic style, gathering influence from all over the world; the Country Color style with distinctive handcrafted brushstrokes, a distinctive element of the entire brand as seen in the brand’s logo. Building on their growing success and a custo­mer base who increasingly chooses Villa d’Este Home Tivoli to personalize their dinner tables, the company has decided to stake a claim in Horeca.

They will extend their revolution of unconventio­nal “decomposed” character to haute cuisine and build on the brand’s cult following, having alre­ady been chosen by professional chefs for the more important gastronomic events in the indu­stry. Sumptuous white has given way to tropical, exotic and tribal motifs. These pioneering designs present themselves as the drivers for imaginative storytelling, ready to take on the restaurant world where dinnerware does more than just hold food: it serves the sensations that bring to life the pecu­liarities, history and origins of each dish. Each guest will take a leading role at the table, playing their part in the overall creativity of explosive synergy and complex color play.

 Villa D’este Home Tivoli

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