The contemporary penthouse in the landscape

The contemporary penthouse in the landscape

A  stately  penthouse, elegant and refined with a contemporary sign, with rigorously composed forms, the interior  design  conceived by Caire- pro, Italian  architecture firm since 1947. Project born from the collaboration with Amilcare Pini, the goal was to create an exclusive penthouse, but at the same time functional and attentive to the well-being of the Corghi’s family who will live there.

The arrangement of the spaces, which is extend end along over 300 square meters of surface, returns a large penthouse, bright and characterized by a bleached wooden roof, outlining volumes that intersect each other to form variable geometries, defined by the different inclinations of the pitch. Located on the top floor of the complex built by the Company Eredi Dallari e Pini Snc, by Pini Amilcare&C, enjoys views of the agricultural landscape, looking toward south a glimpse of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine.

Under the careful direction of Giampaolo Bendinelli, interior designer at Cairepro, in the spaces of this prestigious  penthouse, conceived as a garden, the interiors lives  in constant dialogue with the terrace protected by the pitch and a bioclimatic pergola who filter the light, enveloping the large living room. An interior open space in which the visual perception, tactile and spatial of the rooms are defined by the strong material suggestions that shape the verticals and horizontals planes.

The harmony between nature and technique is emphasized from the combination of oak essences, resins in three color ranges, clay, tobacco and light gray, marble  tops  and  surfaces “marquinia”, oxidized plates, glassy mobile dividers characterized by horizontal  strips  design  and  coverings  with oversized porcelain tile inspired by natural stones or with décor drawings.

By virtue of the large   and   different heights  of the ceilings, secondary volumes have been created within the main volume. An example is the open space area, in which the living room has been  integrated  also through  a  play- full arrangement of slats that draws a cozy and intimate environment, but at the same time it is dematerialized, thus filtering the light coming from the  large corner window.

The master sleeping area  is  developed as a suite, a core that includes a large bathroom covered with oversized porcelain tile in dark and bold colors, the extra large shower and the bedroom with a sitting area which is  followed  by  the  walk-in  closet. The most private room presents a constant design of intersected surfaces, emphasized by the different materials and light and dark tones, wisely used to make the space pleasant and emotional.

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