Launches The Essential Blend, four customisable fragrances which can be personalised for both restaurants and hotels

Launches The Essential Blend, four customisable fragrances which can be personalised for both restaurants and hotels

For over four generations in the heart of Rome the Di Liello family has been selecting and introducing to its sophisticated and cosmopolitan clientele  the  best  perfumery  novelties, spanning from fragrances to state-of-the-art skincare.

The story of Campomarzio70 is one of passion, shared and handed down from father to son, always driven by a unique desire: discover creations able to express authentic emotions. Thanks to a continuous research and an innate sensitivity towards niche fragrances and cutting-edge cosmetics, Campomarzio70 has become an international benchmark for industry and enthusiasts alike.

The added value of an especially designed fragrance is that it can help relax, intrigue or make the customer feel  particularly at ease.  Many people are realising this also in the industry of hospitality – topnotch restaurants and hotels commissioning personalised essences that transfer to the guests the characteristics and the history of the location itself. Offering its customers the possibility to relive at home the experience linked to the brand, simply opening a bottle of perfume or lighting a candle, and thus prolonging the emotion experienced, translating it into a memory, is becoming a more and more appreciated, and effective, gesture.

Committed to spread the essential culture, Campomarzio70 has recently taken up this challenge developing ad hoc projects that give hotels and accommodation facilities at large the possibility to define their olfactory identity and to customers to remember the pleasant moment experienced once back home.

Since last year Campomarzio70 also offers a targeted scented experience of one’s guestroom. When booking  the customer can pick his or her preferred room fragrance, based on his or her mood and the atmosphere he or she longs to live in the room itself, even addressing the expectations of the stay.

Starting from the intrinsic properties of the essences, a series of fragrances able to enhance positive moods, soften the unpleasant ones or to stimulate the senses and boost everyone’s energy have been identified. Alongside these new projects, the production of The Essential Clean line proceeds. This has been recently developed by the brand to meet the need for sanitizing products determined by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Essential Clean sprays clean and sanitize hands and surfaces and no rinsing is necessary. They are pleasantly scented with orange, tangerine and bergamot essential oils, which spark a nice feeling of freshness and cleanliness, combined with an enveloping and sensual note of sandalwood. These  products,  like  the  room  fragrances,  can  be  customised  on  request.

On the  occasion of Christmas, following the collaboration promoted last October with the designer Gala Rotelli,  Campomarzio70 has created an artist’s diffuser in a limited edition of 50 pieces, an object of great visual impact that will enrich the offer  of  The  Essential  Blend. Refined elegance and virtuous technique for design and art lovers.

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