The 6 litres cistern. Increasingly useful:

The 6 litres cistern. Increasingly useful:

Our persistence in making eco-compatible products and our efforts to maximize comfort in bathrooms have been key aspects of Pucci’s mission for many years.

The company’s history is studded with innovations, with Pucci always playing a forefront role in the field of eco-compatibility. Already in 1995 Pucci was the exclusive maker of the slimline cistern, which offers a 6 or 3 litres flush with no impairment in toilet functionality and hygiene.

From a niche product, this cistern has soon become one of the key features of new bathrooms. Indeed, recent European directives, transposed into national and regional laws, stress the need for a more rational use of water and especially drinking water, being an increasingly scarce and precious good.

The compact 6-3 litres cistern is the one that offers the greatest water savings with no reduction of functionality.

Initially, this cistern must be installed when renovating toilets in schools, hospitals, hotels and other residential communities, where water consumption has a major impact on sustainability and costs.

In a second stage, the 6-3L cistern is set to become the preferred option also for new bathrooms at home, maximizing the eco-compatible use of water and reducing costs.

Thanks to our long experience in making the 6-3 litres cistern and in matters of sustainability, Pucci is once again poised to meet European and Italian regulations, apart from facilitating ethical and economically sustainable practices.

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