QXD, elegance and inimalism in a powerful, silent built-in extract ventilation unit

QXD, elegance and inimalism in a powerful, silent built-in extract ventilation unit

A long experience in the residential ventilation industry has allowed the team of Aerauliqa S.r.l., an Italian manufacturing company based in Brescia, to develop a new centrifugal fan, elegant, powerful and extremely silent.

The QXD units are suitable for extracting stale air from small / medium-sized environments such as toilets and bathrooms in homes, hotels and offices.
Conceived to overcome the resistance of long ducting system, they are suitable for built-in mounting, so to obtain a discreet installation: the
aesthetic front cover with clean and minimalist lines can be integrated and harmonised with any internal surroundings.

Thanks to the versatile casing, the Ø75mm outlet can be positioned upwards, downwards, to the right or left, depending on the position of the duct to which it will be connected to expel the exhausted air outside. The integral air-tight shutter, compliant with DIN 18017-3, prevents the
return of odors or cold external currents when the unit is off. It allows to have multiple units discharging into the same main duct without contaminating the flows coming from different apartment (e.g. in multi-level structures).

The saturated air is extracted through the perimeter of the front cover and, if necessary, also through Ø50mm side inlets which
allow to simultaneously extract odors and vapors from the toilet bowl or adjacent rooms. The relevant performances (up to 100mc/h are obtained
by the combination of an aerodynamically optimised centrifugal forward blade impeller and by the low-consumption two-speed motor, totally
closed, with integrated thermal protection, mounted on high quality ball bearings, self-lubricating (long-life 30.000h), which make the unit suitable for intermittent or continuous operation.

An internal filter, easily washable and removable without the use of tools, protects the impeller and motor from dust, simplifying routine maintenance.
The main feature of the QXD unit is, however, the silent operation, obtained thanks to a careful design of the aerodynamic parts, from the study
of the air flow inside the volute in order to avoid turbulence and the use of acoustic lining.

The aesthetic components are made of high-quality ABS resistant to shocks and UV, in RAL 9010 colour.
The QXD units are tested in the internal laboratory of Aerauliqa, accredited by TÜV Rheinland according to the operating document IEC OD 2048 (level CTF1), to guarantee maximum reliability of electrical safety tests, performance and measurement of sound levels. They are made in double insulation and therefore do not require earthing for maximum electrical safety of the user.

The entire unit is built in full compliance with the regulations relating to disposal and eco-sustainable design: each ventilation unit is manufactured with industrial precision and with the utmost care that have made Made in Italy famous worldwide.
The QXD units are available in standard version, which can be activated via an external switch or via a light switch, with integrated adjustable run-on timer and with humidity control. The elegance, performance and silence make the QXD units ideal for ensuring the constant air exchange in any environment, reducing the concentration of pollutants, bacteria and viruses, actively contributing to the physical and mental well-being of the occupants.

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