Procurement solutions for the HORECA sector

Procurement solutions for the HORECA sector

The company – part of the Sodexo Group – creates personalized catalogues for each client in order to increase profitability.

Entegra is a solution provider for increasing customer profitability within the HORECA (restaurant and hospitality) sector. Unlike standard purchasing platforms that offer clients predefined catalogues, Entegra provides a tailor-made service with a catalogue designed specifically for the client.

The company, part of the Sodexo Group – a multinational that guarantees economic stability with a consolidated turnover of 19.3 billion euros, fundamental for providing project continuity – is founded upon three pillars.

The first is price negotiation for products, carried out by Entegra and Sodexo buyers; the second is support provided by account managers dedicated exclusively to the client; the third pillar involves analysis, from purchasing to forecasting.

With the first two pillars, Entegra – boasting a purchasing power of 21 billion euros – is able to negotiate each product according to the client’s needs, owing to the presence of account managers who monitor all the suppliers involved.

At the end of the month after purchasing the products, the customer receives a report directly from Entegra showing what they are purchasing, as well as the possibilities of increasing profitability through the same or other suppliers, or by using alternative but equivalent products.

“The Entegra model is based on a type of business that is sustainable over time, involving clients and suppliers on the purchasing platform, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits,” emphasizes Antonio Tosiani, Country Head Entegra.

“With the help of Sodexo, we offer products related to the food sector and as of 2021, we will also support beverage and non-food products. In the next few years, the aim is to involve services as well, from laundry to cleaning and maintenance”.

70% of Entegra’s clients are from the hotel industry, with 70% being 5-star hotels and the remaining 30% 4-star or 4-star superior.

These are all different categories with different needs: the former is looking for differentiation without conforming to any set standard, the latter is looking to standardize, to reduce the number of suppliers and unused products.

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