Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode

The first multimedia totem equipped with Artificial Intelligence

Kiosk Mode is the interactive Totem provided with GAIA, an Artificial Human which interacts with users and supports the Customer Experience offering an engaging conversations.

There’s something about GAIA

GAIA is the Artificial Human of Kiosk Mode: a virtual assistant who interprets natural language and converses vocally with humans. She also answers unforeseen questions and simulating a real conversation. An innovative system based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Kiosk Mode for Ho.Re.Ca

Kiosk Mode is perfect for all sectors because it can be customized for any type of business. First of all the Ho.Re.Ca sector which increasingly focuses on innovation with cutting-edge technologies like ours.

Kiosk Mode is the ideal solution for Ho.Re.Ca because it useful to manage orders, organize the dining room and offer customer assistance. In particular, Kiosk Mode can be integrated with restaurant management to take bookings and takeaway orders with payment via smartphone.

GAIA can ask the user for his data with the aim of sending him targeted communications via email and text message such as the Menu of the day or a special promotion.

Bring Artificial Intelligence to the table

It is possible to bring GAIA directly to the table, thanks to a tablet in which you can insert the avatar. This allows customers to view the menu, the details of the dishes, request information and proceed with the order. But not only that, because the user can interact with GAIA directly from his mobile phone, by scanning a simple QR-code!

An international business

Kiosk Mode is an international business based on an export and distribution system. In fact GAIA is available in 9 languages adapting perfectly to the international market.

Kiosk Mode represents the new frontier of communication between brands and customers. It’s a perfect integration between physical space and the digital world.

If you are interested in importing Kiosk Mode into your country or bringing it into your business contact us here.

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