PIUMA D’ORO, the house of “chiacchiere”

PIUMA D’ORO, the house of “chiacchiere”

Leader in the carnival snack market, thanks to the experience of over 50 years, Piuma D’oro is a landmark for large-scale distribution and for wholesalers and distributors of pre-fried baked products.

Quality, attention to customer needs and dynamism have allowed a local artisan company over the years to become a national player in its sector, with a coverage of the Italian market close to 90%.

 A modern organization and a customer satisfaction vision, always oriented towards satisfying the needs of the most demanding consumer, also bring appreciation to Piuma D’oro for quality and service from international markets as a producer of snacks and baked goods.

Not just “chiacchiere, bugie meraviglie and ricciole”, but also snacks appreciated as appetizers, street foods or desserts, alone or in combination.

Piuma D’oro is able to produce over 50,000 kg of product per day, operating on an area of over 35,000 m2 of which 10,000 m2 covered.

“Our mission is to preserve the features of an artisan product, with an almost obsessive attention to details, in a large-scale production, maintaining a high level of quality and without any compromise in this context”.

Federico Pizzoccheri – CEO

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