Mikah Coffee: Natura 10 and the organic news for the coffee break

Mikah Coffee: Natura 10 and the organic news for the coffee break

The heady aroma of freshly brewed coffee recalls a moment of sharing in the collective memory: whether it is a break in the office, breakfast or at the end of lunch with family or friends, a good coffee will make everyone agree. And if we talk about organic coffee, then the benefits also affect health and the environment: from the fight against free radicals, to the reduction of the greenhouse effect and the deforestation of the planet.

What is Bio Coffee and how to recognize it

Organic coffee is a product that is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or additives. Instead of these chemicals, natural fertilizers and even some insects are preferred, which feed on the pests for safe production.

Today there are many varieties of organic and fair trade coffee on the market: from beans, capsules and pods to ground coffee; therefore, how to recognize it? Well, a good organic coffee is marked with the Euro-Leaf symbol, an index of an organic production process that complies with European regulations.

Why buy Bio Coffee

Choosing organic coffee represents a change of course in one’s habits and also numerous health benefits. Introducing the consumption of this type of coffee into your diet means treating yourself to small moments of pleasure with an intense flavor and: • slow down aging, thanks to the nutrients, which keep cells young; • prevent cancer, because organic coffee is rich in antioxidants and vitamins; • preserve the correct functioning of the nervous system and the brain, being free of harmful neurotoxins.

The ethical and environmental benefits

Drinking a cup of organic coffee as well as being a panacea for health and a charge of energy to face long days, is also an ethical choice, because its cultivation allows you to: • fight greenhouse gas emissions; • prevent the pollution of groundwater, usually generated by the use of pesticides during the washing of coffee plants; • reduce deforestation of trees and shrubs, which are located next to plantations; • support the economy of small local businesses in the countries where coffee is produced..

Mikah Natura 10, Bio Coffee for your moments The Italian brand Mikah Coffee, believes in the multiple benefits of organic coffee, which since 1984 has been appreciated in 44 countries for its refined blends.

 Among the gourmet varieties of the brand there is also the Natura 10 – Bio Coffee, available in beans or grounded coffee. A 100% Arabica Bio-Organic blend, selected from the best origins grown in sustainable agriculture by certified companies. Roasted according to the Mikah tradition (three phases: drying, learning the color of roasting and roasting), each cup is a concentrate of passion, technique and flavor.

Natura 10, however, is just one of the brand’s organic blends, which is working on new sustainable combinations for intense breaks, always with unique notes, given by the various Mikah crops around the world. Waiting to taste the new blends from September, we can enrich our coffee breaks with Mikah top sellers, all to be discovered on the brand’s website.

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