New Ingredients applications and innovative combinations

New Ingredients applications and innovative combinations

Next Ingredients was born in 2017 from the observation that market demand and supply change with a rapidity that was unknown until recent times. The desire of its founders is to create a reality reactive to changes that perpetuates tradition by constantly renewing it. We are a modern company constantly searching for new ingredients, applications and innovative combinations, to improve product performance through tailor-made solutions based on the specific requirements of our customers.

In line with these principles and ahead of the times, since 2018 we have developed a line of instant drinks designed to fit into capsules to produce functional herbal teas in just a while. Today, functional drinks are an increasingly trend not only abroad but also on the Italian market, thanks to the widespread use of instant coffee machines.

The core of our recipes is a blend of titrated extracts chosen for their functional benefits.

Our line of instant drinks contains:

  • GoodMood: to help to improve mood.
  • Next Boost: to give a boost of energy.
  • Next Dren:  to increase the draining effect.
  • Ok-gut: to improve gut health.
  • Oxypoly: to help to reduce oxidative phenomena.
  • Slimgood: to help manage weight.

All formulations are customisable in terms of the choice of extracts/aroma and whether or not to add the sweetener component (100% natural). It consists of Stevia combined with Magnasweet by Mafco, the American multinational company founded in 1850, which masks the aftertaste and amplifies the sweetness.

This ingredient is part of the MagnabrandsTM, developed from liquorice root and labelled as natural flavour or flavouring with a dosage of just few ppm, which can be used to mask any aftertaste (e.g. bitterness of extracts), to enhance the sweetness by increasing its persistence and to give roundness to the final taste. Together with the producer, we can study and perform test with you to find the best solution.

In addition to these products for the beverage sector, we also handle natural sweeteners such as stevia, erythritol, maltitol and titrated botanical extracts mainly of European origin.

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