Meeting of cultures and a futuristic vision translate into outstanding dishes

Meeting of cultures and a futuristic vision translate into outstanding dishes

LA SUBIDA SIRK is a resort that includes the michelin-starred restaurant trattoria al cacciatore, the osteria de la subida, where guests can enjoy traditional everyday dishes, and the hospitality of an exclusive hamlet immersed in the woods, where one can get back in touch with nature, recharge, and authentically experience the region.”

“ Food that stays where it is. Connoisseurs who travel as much as possible.”

It was with this vision that dreamer Josko Sirk conceived La Subida, a small hamlet immersed in the woods in Cormòns (province of Gorizia) which has been completely renovated and transformed into a little haven in which to relax and recharge.

The jewel of the structure is the Michelin-starred restaurant Trattoria al Cacciatore. From its kitchen, chef Alessandro Gavagna introduces us to a world in which the meeting of cultures and a futuristic vision translate into outstanding dishes.

Chef Gavagna, you consider La Subida a place which your clients love to come back to. How does this translate into food?

Definitely in the attention to detail and the focus on offering a fresh interpretation of tradition. You could call it an evolution of traditional cuisine. We were lucky to be born, grow up, and work in this border region, a crossroads of people and culinary traditions.

These vastly different influences served as inspiration, allowing us to integrate Mediterranean, Austrian, and Balkan elements. La Subida’s menu has thus “lightened” and refreshed certain local recipes, modernizing them and making them appetizing at the same time.

Are there any trends that you’re inspired by and that are insinuating themselves in Italy’s restaurant industry?

Predictions are never easy, each year is different from the one before! But from what we seem to be observing at our tables, one of the trends that’s been developing for several years – and which will definitely continue to assert itself – is the opening of establishments that serve light and healthy cuisine.

Consumers, especially younger ones, are favouring a style of cooking that has flavour, but that’s also healthy. Eating is something to think about, something to be given importance. Finally.

When it comes to equipment, how is the market changing?

Cooking is always undergoing rapid evolution, it’s always in upheaval, and the industry requires increasingly complex equipment. But there’s also a return to tradition, to a cuisine that’s fresh cooked on gas burners.

This is evident in our restaurant, where we apply a wealth of knowledge about classical cooking, combined with the necessary technology when it can improve a product or help us to treat it in the best way possible, adding that something extra that brings clients back.

According to what criteria do you select your suppliers of raw ingredients, among other things?

In our choice of products and suppliers we always focus on the region: we like to know our suppliers personally and also support their project.

Over time we’ve established a true collaboration with a small group of local artisans, from the world of produce to that of cheeses and salamis, with whom we share a strong connection to this beautiful region.

Then, when necessary, we reach out to the Italian market as well, but the criteria remain the same and we try to follow the supply chain and only use businesses that work in a way that we approve of.

What do you see for the future of the restaurant industry?

After the two years we’ve just experienced, there has to be a recovery in the near future. We’re optimistic.

For those who know how to take advantage of it, there’s an additional stimulus: some forms of financial support for the restaurant industry which would help those who, in the meantime, have developed quality projects that are intelligent and forward looking.

So quality is the key word, always and regardless. Exactly. And in this respect I believe that in the immediate future those who have worked hard, and for whom quality and hospitality have been strengths, will be at an advantage. It’s time for reconfirmation.


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