Marullo to conquer the Food Service market With Pistacchio Verde Di Bronte Dop

Marullo to conquer the Food Service market With Pistacchio Verde Di Bronte Dop

In Italy, it has become synonymous with the real Pistacchio Verde di Bronte DOP. We are talking about Marullo, a renowned brand created by the company Pistacchio S.p.a., located in Bronte and specialized in the  processing and trading of the so – called ‘green gold’ since the 1960s.

In the coming months, the brand Marullo, is preparing to reach, not only the supermarket shelves with a range of products designed for the large-scale distribution, but also hotels and restaurants all over Italy thanks to the introduction of a food service line.

Cream, pesto, flour and grains: four excellences based on Bronte pistachio, a noble fruit of the Sicilian land which in the last ten years has enjoyed a massive rediscovery, not only in the world of confectionery but also in that of catering.

Sweet  spreadable  pistachio  cream,  the queen of the confectionery world, is ideal as a filling for sweet preparations, although it is also delicious on its own, spread on a simple slice of bread. Salty pistachio pesto sauce, much appreciated with pasta, is increasingly used in savoury dishes of rare refinement, giving them a strong, creamy flavour.

The flour and excellent semi-finished products are usually used for garnishing or wrapping, giving crunchy wrapping, giving new crunchiness and texture to each culinary speciality.

In contrast to the Large-Scale distribution, the Food Service line comes in 1kg packs, to cope with a use that is clearly much more intense than at home.

However, despite the giant format, the quality is absolutely the same quality as the smaller references. Moreover, the processing of the raw material Pistachio S.p.a. It is carried out with an almost maniacal control of the production chain: the HPLC instrumentation, microbiological analysis and the final X-ray check allow everything to be kept under control until the finished product is obtained.

The Marullo food service line will be a great opportunity for all chefs in restaurants and hotels as it will give them the opportunity to prepare sweet and savoury dishes capable of bringing with them the most authentic goodness of Bronte.

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