Magic en plein air Smania Outdoor

Magic en plein air Smania Outdoor

SMANIA, the  most  modern among the classics, the most classic among the modern. This is a summary of the concept that emerges from the contemporary nature of the furniture designed and built by the historic Venetian company, leader in the luxury furniture sector. This brand  is  manufacturing  passion, creative  spirit and haute  couture  of  furniture, capable of transforming each piece into a work of art and an icon of craftsmanship. In this sartorial flexibility lies the ability to access dexterously and skillfully also to the OUTDOOR sector that constitutes the other major pillar of the brand, with a product that is recognizable for its lines, contemporary and easily combined with both classic and modern contexts, and for the high quality and resistance of the materials used.

From sofa to lamp, from chaise longue to table, Smania outdoor furniture design embraces living space such as dining and pool space, converting a simple garden in a heavenly oasis for a total relaxing experience. Two are the collections that Smania proposes for outdoor: the first one is made in a contemporary and at the same time classically style, utilizing materials as teak and politech. Framed by timeless beauty, this outdoor collection exudes a class which stands the test of time. The materials robustness and vigour match with a gently enveloping softness, thanks to differentiated density upholstery of the cushions that dress the items. In this way the elegance and comfort seamlessly combined with state of the art technology.

The cushions are covered in fabric entirely water repellent. Steadfast and flawless protection against rain, humidity and bed water. Through materials as teak and politech combined with crystal or Absolute Black granite or white ceramic tops and matched with so many refined fabrics SMANIA guarantees the high outdoor  performance  and  lets  its  customers choosing the right material for their needs and their taste.

The second one collection, designed by Alessandro La Spada, is characterized by an original and refined superimpositions which offer a  modern  revocation  of  Viennese  straw. As our gaze wanders along the sinuous and soft lines, we are entranced by nature’s splendor: the SMANIA set plays with the garden’s beauty, the perfume of blossoming balconies and the tranquility of panoramic views.

This collection finds its peculiarities in the wavy silhouette, creating a magical atmosphere wherever you choose to put the furniture. Smania’s strong design identity is based on customer’s personal satisfaction, which is displayed in an eclectic design capable of emphasizing the most diverse and distinctive personality traits. The know-how gained over the years is mixed with a peculiar design that speaks of a creative DNA, of a sculpted taste and an intense energy that identifies the brand.

Characterized by a strong material flair, SMANIA designs, cuts, sews and produces furniture and accessories that contain the energy of its passion. It does not fill spaces with its furniture: thanks to exclusive details, it is its stylish furniture that decorate and characterize the most exclusive homes, the most elegant offices, the most sophisticated  outdoors and dehors, the most prestigious yachts and hotels all over the world. SMANIA shapes costumer’s desires. Its goal is achieving perfection.

The study of every detail, the attention paid to selected materials and the search for balanced proportions characterize the items, which embody a high-quality and well established standard.

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